Monday, May 14, 2007

OUCH..... my poor poor butt :(

We just got back from another round of rollerblading in East Coast Park. You know how people improve with more practice, I think I am the exact opposite. -_-"""
I mean I can move and all but just not very stable. In fact, I had even managed to blade all the way from Fort Road to McDonald's on Saturday. However it was a different story on the way back, I kept falling for no rhyme or reason. In the end, I gave up and drove back to wait for Meg and Ken instead.
The guys commented that I was falling the wrong way. I kept landing on my back instead of front. The previous time I did that at the multi-storey carpark, I injured my wrist. Then again on Saturday, I had a nasty fall on my butt. Think that fall kinda injured my lower spine. But today I did it again. This time a soft thud on my butt was enough to send tears springing to my eyes.
So I gave up again and blade slowly on my own around McDonald's while I watched the rest continue on their jouney to Bedok Jetty. Kudos to Meg, both times she managed to finish her trail. Unlike me :(
Sigh ....... I have a major phobia now. Think I will just bring my trainers and jog while the rest blade. I guess that will have to do for now till my butt and wrist recovers :p

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