Monday, May 21, 2007

An all FJC events kind of weekend

I think Megan must be allergic to the rabbit or something ........ She's got high fever that very night we brought it back :p It was bad enough to warrant a pessary by the doctor. She was having Pharyngitis.

We had promised to bring her to JB for supper with the FJC peeps on Saturday night. We didn't have the heart to dampen her mood and so we brought her along.
On Sunday was heat 2 of the auto-styling competition held in Kallang and we were there to support some of the FJC guys that took part in the competition. Congrats to Frankie for coming in 2nd in Category B!

Meg was having fever on both occassions but she was still as energetic as a rabbit. However I did make her skip school today just to make sure she gets more rest. And now, it's my turn to be down with fever. Arghhh......

At the meeting point in Jurong Brid Park carpark prior to convoying down to JB. Meg doesn't look at all sick, does she? At the checkpoint
The hilariously crazy bunch
The long line of Fits & Jazzes - There were about 20 cars I think (that's Meg in the background btw, telling me she's angry with me for leaving her alone :p)
Enjoying yummy food & great company
A real cool bunch
In Kallang Carpark for the Kallang Sprint - impish Meg again .......
This is Xiaolong's ride - It's the Beatles theme. It came in 1st for Category A.Uber retro, uber cool
You know what I dig the most? The gear shift!
I totally love the VIP look. This is MARC9's ride *salivates*
My current dream car - working real hard to buy a 2nd hand one
Also VIP look - love the rims :))
Meg complained she was tired & wants to go to the car to sleep
She looks so pretty here! The wallpaper on my handphone now.
Don't know what to do with myself while she's trying to sleep so start to ........

Take pics of myself & her!!
After watching me, she also wants to get up & take pictures :p
Pic taken by Meg
Meg luurvs to disturb her DaDa
Random pics from my handphone - Meg photographing her own drawing
Saw Woofie & Seraphina lying right next to each other sleeping. They look sooo sweet together but a pity, Woofie noticed the flash & perked up.

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