Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mummy's and Marilyn's birthday

Ermmm ........... So where should I start? There seems to be a million and one things that had taken place in my life since I last blogged, that I don't know where I should start. Plus loads of pics. It took me more than an hour consolidating them in order to blog it.
Or maybe we shall just look at the photos and skip all those 'wordy' words :p
Bored stiff and out of mind while I waited more than an hour outside Ken's reservist camp

Marilyn's birthday was on the 22 March and we had a pre-celebration for her with the FJC peeps. I had meant to blog this way earlier but .......
My 2 darlingsJason, Jamie and Juliana with MarilynCan you tell that I'm piling on the lard :(
Pretty birthday girl
Can't believe that they actually made Marilyn pick 4 numbers to buy 4D!! (erm.... didn't strike by the way)
Had McDonald's breakfast as a belated birthday celebration for Mar. Only Noelle was there cos Miko & Kelly weren't feeling well & it's too far for Ju. The Coach pouch was from the FJC peeps & the Aldo voucher from us.A birthday card from Meg
At the airport to send Aunty Mary & Chermaine. They're touring Ireland & the nordic countries for a month. We're sure gonna miss them.
My 2 precious starts to take funny photos of themselves :))
I didn't even know these photos existed till I uploaded them now
It was mummy's birthday on the 31st May. We had an early celebration for her in Dad's restaurant.
Meg luurves the camera
Meg had naughtily told my dad that she doesn't want to take photo with him cos he's not nice-looking! Had the entire family in uproars ......LolxI love my family!!!
I love you mummy!!
My own adorable family
Had another celebration for mum on the actual birthday with my god-brother and his pair of twins Mum had requested for a pair of Birkenstock for her birthday & so we took her shopping
Yet another outing with the FJC peeps on eve of Vesak day. Villa Bali was full so we made do with Daybed Bar
Both of us having bad eyebags day :p
My drink for the night
Andrew caught me on his N95 taking pictures of myself
We had a fun time tonight eating Sakae Teppanyaki in Century Square before we adjourned to Kallang McDonald's for FJC's monthly meet-up. The Chahwanmushi is really unique.
Received another of Leto's photo. She's waaay cute! This looks just like a postcard :D

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