Sunday, June 03, 2007

Klaudia's 5th birthday

Both Ken and Meg are out, so I'm left to my own devices on a Sunday. Not used to the house being so quiet suddenly. But that's not to say that I'm not enjoying it though. Haha ........ :p

There's a million things that I can think up of to occupy my time with - check for the flights and pricing to Prague, prepare for my mock-detailing competition, start on my long-awaited book, check my mails, tidy the house, bathe Woofie, settle my credit card bills online, check my mails, paint my nails, have a facial and the list goes on ......... I have to hold myself back and resist the urge to to be lull by the comfort of my bed. (As you all know I'm such a pig!)

So here, I'll start on the number 1 thing I wanted to do most - BLOG.

Have you read today's Sunday Time's Lifestyle section yet? I stumbled across a fairly interesting quote. It's an interview with Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (I happened to idolize him by the way :p) on building a family. He cited his wife, Joy's, advice on how to achieve love and happiness in the family: "The first rule is to love your wife." Kudos to her! Haha ........

I mean seriously, just like he said "It's a commitment and it requires deliberate, concious investment and high emotional energy. And if the parental relationship is sound, it immediately gives the kids security."

To love your wife and vice versa, I think it works both ways. That should be the foundation for all families and this article has spurred me to work a lot harder at it.

Anyway here are some photos taken from Klaudia's 5th birthday party last night. (Klaudia belongs to Evelyn, who's my colleague.) The theme was Fairytale and I tell you I had never seen so many little princesses gathered together in my entire life. They were all oh so preeetty! They wore beautiful frocks, tiaras and some even had fairy wings. Absolutely endearing :))

And the most amazing thing is that Evelyn hand-sewn Klaudia's party dress. It's even prettier than the ones found in the shops! She's one of the super mums that I know who devotes themselves to her kids. Great job with the party Evelyn, Meg enjoyed herself so much!

P.S. Does anyone have lobang to get cheaper rates to fly to London and Prague? Or does anyone work in a travel agency? Email me please.

All the kids were highly entertained by the game masterJust look at how absorbed Meg is
The best shot I can get of the cake (The 12 Dancing Princesses)
If you've ever been to a children's birthday party, you'll know that the most dreaded time is when you bring out the cake - CHAOS
The gorgeous birthday girl Tried to gather the kids of all my colleagues but these are the best shots that I can get

Meg loved her get-up & I made her pose for me before she changes out of the outfit

My Lil' Princess

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