Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 31st birthday to me!

I celebrated my 31st birthday amidst my beloved family and friends. It was really fun and brought a special warmth to my heart. The only unfortunate thing I guess is that I am still really sick and didn't get to enjoy my favourite BBQ chicken wings :(
I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took time out to attend the BBQ and for the lovely pressies. Thank you to Aunty Jac and Sharon for going out of their way to help me reserve the BBQ pit. Thank you to Weiming, Edmund, Jason and James for lending a hand to make sure everyone is fed. Thank you to my mummy for cooking the beehoon and making the Konyaku. And finally to Marilyn and my sweetheart for planning the BBQ. All of you have done so much to make this birthday memorable for me. I'm awfully touched!

And not forgetting those who thought about me on my birthday and sent me smses or tagged me on the tag board. Each single message meant a lot to me :)) Even those far away like Uniz, Aunty Mary, Chermaine and Angeline made an effort to send me a text. You guys made me feel so loved.

Then of course to my mates on Utopia! Thanks for all your well wishes and the best present of all, a war win! You can't imagine how badly I wanted that! And timely too because they surrendered right on my birthday. Haha ..........

It got me worried for a while when it started raining cats and dogs. I even told Ken that somebody up there don't love me :p But when it was time for the BBQ, the rain stopped and only started the downpour again when the party is due to end. So I guess the person up there does love me afterall ................

P.S. Marilyn - No, I do not want your painstaking collection of slimmy gooey stuffs. Keep them for Ed or else later he jealous. Haha!!!

This cake is from the company for all the June babies

And this is my very own yummy chocalicious cake
I love them both soooo much!
My gorgeous family
Darling Liz and Jon
Singing the birthday songMaking a wish Blowing the candles Cutting the cake The fun FJC bunch My hero who braved the storm ;)
Dear Marilyn spent lots of effort organizing the food and the party
They are close to me like my own sistersThanks for all your help too sweetie Kelly Jamie's a proud mummy-to-be Kennon, Chris and Nelly - such long time friends that we don't think twice about hurling insults at each other :p
Ken's chums are my chums too Dearest mummy
A big big thank you to Weiming who turned up really early to help us cart the stuffs
And also a big thank you to the Jin Tong Yu Nu
An extremely handy Longchamp bag from Mar, Kelly and Ju. Now I can look classy and poise when I lug my samples around :) Gifts from Ken's chums
Pressies from the FJC peeps
And from my very own friends - I especially like the one from Uncle Terrence and Aunty Cynthia cos it says 'HOT BABE'! :p

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