Friday, June 08, 2007

Guo Soon's ROM

It's now 9pm and Meg's already asleep. Totally out of the norm but then again think she's not feeling too well. She gets these coughs and colds so frequently. Arghhh .....

An extremely quiet Friday night. The FJC peeps will be going down to Dragonly tonight. But not Ken and I. I think Ken is just sick of the scene whereas I'm just plain fat to be seen :p Haha ....... I am seriously going to work at losing some weight and inches. Aim is 4kg ;) Watch me in this space soon!

And the long dreaded mock-detailing competition finally arrived. After going through it, it wasn't so bad afterall. I think I did pretty okay, much better than all the rehearsals that I did with my manager. I'm totally grateful to my 2 managers who spent lots of time going through it again and again with me. Don't think I'd be able to pull it through if it wasn't for them. Now I can only cross my fingers and wait for the result.

Anyway we went for Ken's close friend, Guo Soon's, ROM over the week. Not simply close friend but childhood chums. It's amazing how many of his friends date all the way back to his childhood days. How I envy the closness they share, I wish I had friends that date way back too.

With all our sincerest wishes, we wish the pair of you a beautiful and blissful marriage.

With his beautiful bride

Great palsKen took a candid shot of me - chubby right?
The gang

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