Thursday, June 14, 2007

Birthday approaching .....

I am sick again but yet cannot take leave because I had arranged to meet quite a few doctors. So Ken being the very sweet him decided to be my chauffer and drive me around on my appointments so as to at least take the stress off the driving. I am so loved ...... haha .....

And after work, he drove me to East Coast Park saying to meet Andrew there. However when we reached there, there were no signs of Andrew. Then he said that actually it was him who wanted to go get wheels for his rollerblade. Naively I followed him into the shop and there he announced that the real purpose is to get a new pair of blades for me! I was seriously taken aback.

Well, you see. My birthday falls on the coming Sunday. Knowing that my beloved family and friends will definitely get me presents, I had informed them way ahead that I don't want any presents. All I ask for is a cake and spend my birthday with the ones I love. I lack nothing. I am showered with way much more love than I ever deserve. I am counting my blessings and I am one lucky person indeed. So how could I ever ask for more? I am truly contented with my lot.

So after hearing me, darling Marliyn decided to hold a barbecue birthday party for me instead. Haha....... how could I ever resist? I love BBQ chicken wings! Marilyn is a real sweetheart.

At the shop, I learnt that the blades was from the FJC peeps. I was terribly embarrassed to be accepting a gift from them. I protested but Ken refused to leave without me buying a pair. So thank you very much guys! And good thinking about the blades as well since my blades super cannot make it :p

Two nights back, Meg and Ken forbade me to step into the hall and when finally I was permitted, they revealed a home-made birthday card. Lots of love and heart put into this one :))

Ken had also wanted to get me a Nokia N95 but I thought that it's too extravagant and adamantly told him no. Besides I'm a klutz and there's no way I can not drop the phone. Hee~

So you see, I'm truly a very blessed woman, right?

P.S. When you view my blog, do you guys have a problem vewing the pics? Cos I do and I don't know why :(

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