Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flu bug

Sniffles..... Sniffles.......Ah Choo!

Argghh.... feeling so sick. Caught the flu bug I believe. I think the bug is going around. Meg has just recovered from it and Uncle Thomas is also down with it. My nose is so stuffed up that I am having the toughest time sleeping. Bugger.

I am so tempted to call in sick tomorrow but can't because there's one of those endless meeting lined up. I can't wait to be in a job where I am in more control of my time and not be harrassed when I am on leave. Or like now, sitting here when I am sick and still trying to get my report going.

Well, the good news is that they are letting me leave early. Told you guys that I needed to give 2 months notice (or did I not?), but they had very kindly relented to my request and letting me go in June. My last day is on 6 June. I can't wait!

But till then, I will still haveto get back to reality and finish up my work now.

Ah choo! *Bless me*

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