Monday, May 01, 2006

Movies galore

I should be doing my report now (yeah at miserable 3am in the morning on a public holiday) but my fingers are itching real bad to blog. Packing in just 1 post per week is really not enough to cure my fix.

It's finally the long weekends. I am taking the chance to keep Ken company after having neglected him for so long. He came to pick me up from work in the evening at Marriot Hotel yesterday. (Yet another event on the weekend.) He's really sweet to come pick me up everytime he can and even sweeter is that he offered to buy me a new phone. I have been eyeing the Sony Ericsson W800i for the longest time. He brought me down to Suntec where they were having a promotion but I still rejected that in the end. I have been eyeing it but I guess I really don't need it.

Afterwich, we adjourned to Century Square to watch Electio
n 2. Ken wasn't wild about the first one but I thought that was a great film though. I have been reading some reviews that most prefers Election over Election 2. Personally, I like 2 better - much darker, a lot more exhilarating, double-up on the cold-blooded factor and full of gore. The only thing lacking is the acting. Tony Leung did a fantastic job in Election but Louis Koo honestly isn't too hot. But well to be fair to the rest of the cast, they did good. Avoid it if you are looking for typical gangster action. Otherwise I strongly recommend the film.

We had initially wanted to go for a swim today but Mr Sun was hiding, and after numerous attempts to find kakis for mahjong, we gave up and decided to watch yet another movie instead. This time round, we watched Eight Below in Tampines Mall. You know what? I LOVE it! All dog lovers out there, you must NOT miss this show.

Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker) is a guide for a National Science Foundation Research base in Antartica. He set out on an expedition with his sled dogs - Maya, Max, Jack, Buck, Shorty, Dewey, Shadow and Truman, in search of a meteorite from Mercury. A storm came and fortunately the dogs saved them from the perils of death. However because of the storm, Jerry was forced to leave his beloved dogs behind while the team retreat to safety. He promises to return for them but the weather makes the return trip impossible. While Jerry finds ways and means to go back to them. the dogs were left to fend for themselves in that terrible weather.

The dogs are so beautiful and clever. My heart goes out to them when they were abandoned in the extreme cold. This is one show that I kept wishing for it to end faster so that the dogs can be found soon. Ken was so tickled when I prayed in the cinema for the time to hurry up. It is heart wrenching to see the dogs dying and the camaraderie that they show each other. Ken was just as besotted as I am. He kept calling Woofie, Maya, when we got home. Hahaha.....

Ooops, I can hear him calling me and checking if I am doing my report. Better get back to work.......
Faithful Maya
Playful Max

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