Sunday, May 14, 2006

Arghh headache.......

I really don't know what's wrong with me recently. I have been seriously plagued by headaches. Headaches are never a norm for me. I very rarely get them. It's worse off for me than when you guys get it because I am allergic to most pain killers. Therefore I can't even take the mildest, like Panadol.

I had assumed that it's due to my work that's giving me a tension headache but now that I had tendered, it's still not going away. Well, I certainly hope that I will start feeling better once I start on the new job.

I went for my pre-employment check-up yesterday, bringing me a step closer to a brand new future. I brought Meg with me and then went shopping in Tampines Mall after that. We enjoyed ourselves, spending precious quality time with each other. And in the night, all of us bunked over at Ken's place. Meg absolutely loves it! Thanks to Chermaine for keeping watch over Meg, thus enabling us to sneak out for a while to join the gang in Crew Room to indulge in my favourite activity - karaoke.

Also a big big thanks to Aunty Mary for brewing the herbs for my headache.

Oh right, it's mother's day today. Wishing all mothers, Happy Mother's Day! I know how great all of you are because I am one too! :p

Meg loves neoprints as much as I do

What are they so absorbed in? Soccer of course!
Gulp had actually knelt down in front of Pei Fen while singing but I was too slow in whopping out my camera
Acting cute with the hairband
I love my sweetheart!
Now both acting cute

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