Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry I digress........

Alright before I go on to the main topic for today, just let me express my disappointment. With? The Singapore Idols. Why? Because I'm a huge Jonathan fan, that's why! I simply couldn't believe it that Hady won. Although I think the rest of my DBB darlings should be over the moon by now. (For obvious reasons why they're called DBB.)

I'm just so completely mesmerized by Jonathan. Haha..... I think Ken's seriously jealous :p (But I love you and only you sweetheart!) Jonathan's not only got the talent but the personality and brains to go with it as well. And of course, a voice that's to die for. In short, the whole package.

But if you're going to ask me whether I voted for him, I'm just going to come clean and confess that I didn't. As much as I supported him, I didn't believe in throwing away my money like that. It's 60 cents per call for God's sake! It's all just so bloody commercialised. It's all too manipulative. I've worked real hard for my money and I'm not going to donate it to make the rich richer.

However when Jonathan does cut an album, I'll be the first one to go out and get it. No pirated version or downloading for me. Yup, cross my heart.
Oops ........ Ken's just got back and is now looking over my shoulder, raising an eyebrow and saying 'Jonathan again?!' Hee.... hee..... guess he's got enough of me raving about Jonathan. Well, I'd better run or else suffer the wrath of the green eyed monster! (I know but I'm just such a mama drama :p)
Oh and I have not even gone on to my main topic. (I'm so good at digressing ..........) What the heck, I'll save it for my next post then.

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