Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bedtime routine

I think I almost went bonkers just now listening to Megan with her incessant singing on something about 5 brown puppies that fell off the wall plus her own rendition of Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You'. (Beats me where she learned that from.) Finally after an hour, her upbeat singing droned into a soft gentle snore.
This has become routine. Her non-stop chatter, singing and endless requests. This only happens at bedtime. She shares the bedroom with me and though she's already coming 5, she still insists that I stay in the room with her till she falls asleep. (I've spoiled her rotten :p)

So I'll end up lying there in my bed while she lies in hers, me playing games after games of Solitaire on my PDA while she indulges in her own chatter. And each time when the chatter gets to me, I will yell at her to stop and close her eyes. However she has managed to come up with 1 superb excuse to not sleeping. "I am tired and I want to sleep but my naughty eyes refuses to close............" How do you reply to something like that!
Oh and talking about songs, her current favourites are Hate Me by Blue October and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (same choices as me by the way). It makes me wonder where did she hear them from? I never listen to music at home. But I think she's alot like me. Once I hear a song, it gets stuck to my head and I can almost always sing it the next time (not perfect of course). You should listen to her sing Hate Me. The lyrics makes me cringe (but I so love that song). But thank goodness, she never sticks to 1 song for long.
The things that Meg does amuses me so - things that makes me angry and yet laugh at the same time. I am always desperate for her to fall asleep each night but that doesn't stop me from laughing to myself as she goes on and on with her singing and made-up lyrics. I do love her so =)

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