Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My tag board

I have never thought that human can be this ugly but now I have seen it for myself. If you had read what's on my tag board before I had the chance to delete the comments away, you'll know what I meant. Flamers - It is highly perplexing to me as to why would people want to post vicious comments on a complete stranger? I am thankful I don't get it as much as the rest of the DBBs.
I'm not too sure about the reasons why people blog. But for me it's a passion for writing. A very long time ago, my ambition was to be a journalist. And apparently this was not meant to be. Although it didn't quite turn out how I wanted it but it didn't vanquish my interest. Writing is a skill and I didn't have the flair for it, therefore the only way to hone it is through lots of practice. I was very excited when I discovered blogging because this meant that I had a reason to write again. A place for me to practice the art of writing. I remembered how long it took me when I tried to write my very first post. But the flow got better and better as I wrote more. I therefore try to discipline myself and not let it lapse too long between each post because you tend to lose it somehow. If you look at the time of each post, you'll realise that a majority of them are posted real late at night or into the wee hours of the morning. Time is not a luxury for me. I do not blog because I have nothing better to do. I make an effort to stay up late and sacrifice sleep just so to blog.
The other reason is for dear Megan. She's growing up so fast - way too fast for my liking if you ask me. (Ask any parent and I believe they'll tell you the same thing) I look at her in amazement each day and marvel at how she has grown - from a tiny helpless heap into an energizer bunny who questions and challenges each and every of your instructions. If I could, this whole blog would be filled with anecdotes from her. I relish every single second spent with her and would like to hoard on to as much memories as I possibly can.
It is not easy for a person to blog about herself and share intimate details with you. Especially even more so for a single mum. But I decided to blog because I accept myself for who I am and if you're going to judge me based on marital status, then so be it. Everything I wrote about is very real and down-to-earth. My very mundane life. My highs and even my very lows.
But I guess I didn't consider the impact it might have on people around me when I chose to blog. They become targets for those vicious attacks on the tag board. They became targets to those who chose to hide behind their pc to make unjust and hurting remarks.
Since Ken was unfairly dragged into this, I will make use of this opportunity to tell everyone about this unsung hero. If it's hard to be a single mum, it's harder to be her boyfriend. In our society, there're still many with closed minds. You couldn't imagine the amount of digs that he had to endure. As much as you try, you'll never come close. It pains me so to see him go through all that and I often thought that I don't deserve him. But yet inspite of all that, he chose to stay by me. I am one lucky woman.
I believe that if I am sincere enough to bare it all, I think whoever reading this ought to have the decency to keep their mouth shut if they don't have anything nice to say. Who are you to judge me when we don't share the same life experiences. And if you find my blog offensive or clashes with your views in life, then stop visting it. Simple common sense. Afterall no one points a gun to your head. I will still continue to delete any moronic remarks but please don't flatter yourself and think that I am paying you a lot of attention. It only takes one delete button.
Lastly, I want to thank the readers that had sent me emails or tags, to tell me they enjoy reading my blog or to cheer me up when I am down. It gives me a ray of hope in the goodness of human nature.

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