Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Duke Affair

I've been dying to post this but there's just simply too many pics to upload and therefore waited till now. Finally after a long long long wait, I'm back in Devils Bar. They were holding the heats for the Auto Fashionista aka best dressed car competition and we were there to support a fellow FJCian (Fit Jazz Club).

Alright I'll confess, actually Ken was there to support and I was there to party :p There were so many cars in the competition and after a while, all of them started looking the same to me. I'm sorry but I'm just so duh about cars.

I enjoyed myself tremendously on Saturday night although Devils is a far cry from the past. But the point is that I got to party with my darlings like we did before and the feeling is simply gratifying.

Another bonus is that I got to meet pretty babe Maggie, fellow blogger/reader. Her husband was in the competition too. Interestingly, I recognized her son, kayson, first before I saw her. (Took her pic down at her request.)

Anyway yawnzzzzz, too sinful for me to be up at this hour blogging while tomorrow is a working day, so I'll stop here (cos I don't know what I'm rambling on about anymore).

P.S. Miko - darling great to bump into you on Sunday, we sure missed you!'s photographer got us before we started snapping away on our own
Marilyn & I reached first
Ken with the gang from FJC
Jamie's the reason why we came - check out her kawaii Hello kitty car
Juliana has arrived
Back to where we first met
FJC babes - err... actually I don't know if I'm counted as one since I was never officially a member
First time clubbing with these fun guys
Finally Kelly arrived
Camera whoring time! We took turns to take pics with one another

We adjourned for supper in in Lavender Street and Mar started doodling on Kelly's hand. (It reads: Mar "heart" Kelly, "heart" Esther, "heart" Ju and of course not forgetting her beloved Hello Kitty) Mar's sooooo sweet, right?

We took too many photos and I decided to throw in this for good measure

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