Thursday, October 19, 2006

Matthew & Joelle's wedding

Drats! Sick again. My boss calls it the male virus (It took me quite a while to figure that one out.). That's because all the ones calling in sick are females! *shakes head* (Hee.....hee..... kinda hard to figure out his sense of humour sometimes.)
The doctor thinks it's probably because of the haze. I know I'm an eejit but I love the haze. I kept asking Ken whether will it get so bad that we don't have to go to work. :p
Feeling so restless and lethargic right now. Actually I must admit that I worked it (me being sick) to my full advantage though. Whenever I don't feel like moving, I just tell Ken and Meg to 'bring this or that to me please'. And if they refuse, I say 'but I'm sick.........' *looking all miserable* And hey presto, it's in my hands! I just so love to be pampered by them ;)
And before I forget that today's title is Matthew & Joelle's wedding, let me go on to the main topic. Matthew (Jialong) is Ken's cousin and we attended his wedding on Tuesday. Ken had a great time catching up with all the relatives. Only thing is that everyone kept asking when is it going to be our turn. It makes me wonder why this is getting to be so predictable at weddings.
And after the wedding dinner, we proceeded to join guys from FJC for coffee. It seems that our lives are starting to revolve around this group of friends now. And the next time I see them, we're going wake-boarding! So totally can't wait!

Matthew & Joelle

Luring his nephew with a glass of orange

Ken's cousin, Melissa

Ken's cousin, sweet Anabelle

And finally the man himself

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