Monday, October 09, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival and Megan's birthday

I almost wept when I opened up blogger today. All the pics that I've spent a good hour uploading last night was all gone!
I had meant to post last night but find that I'm about as good as brain dead by the time I completed the uploading process (almost 2am) and couldn't write a single word. Therefore I saved as draft and now *sob* it's there no more!

And so here we go again ........ I wonder why it feels so much like Deja Vu.

Went to our regular Mid-Autumn Festival haunt at the playground

Look at all the toys that Meg brought with her
Imah took the photos for us and inspite of numerous attempts, this one turned out best
Imah & Meg playing happily with the sparklers
Up close & personal
Celebrated Meg's birthday in McDonalds' on Sunday. She was absolutely thrilled. But with 30 kids in the house, it nearly drove us crazy.

Gwen, her bestest friend
Playing musical chairs - it was so chaotic that that was all the game they got to play throughout the party. (Norm is 2-3 games)
The kids were really competitive - Joanna (extreme left) refused to budge from that chair throughout the game despite being scolded by her friends. Then those kids who were already out of the game kept rejoining the game (neverending). Finally when it was down to 3 chairs, all kids abandoned the game as non wants to lose. So all of a sudden, there's not a single kid partipating. We had to just drag 2 brothers out to complete it and name one winner.
Finally peace when they settled down for their food
Megan & Megan
With delightful Tricia who blends in with any crowd
Highlight of the day - a 3D Aurora cake (Handpicked by Meg of course)
Noticed they're all looking at one direction with a peculiar expression? Right - looking at a girl that was poking her finger into the cake. (Meg expressed great displeasure over this and stared daggers at her afterward :p)
Meg was so overwhelmed by everyone shouting around her that she totally clamped up and remain sullen during the cake-cutting
Singing the birthday song
Moved to the front to blow the candles
Cutting the cake (she refused to let me hold her hand while cutting)
Oops Erica's not in the picture cos she's the camera woman - completely forgot
We simply adore her despite that very sullen face
Now all cheered up at home after opening all her pressies (which is alot!)
Nothing better than a heart warming pic to end the post. (I have no idea how they took this without help, only discovered this when I uploaded everything)

P.S. Sorry dear Mar & Ju, I was an awful host on Sunday.

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