Monday, October 23, 2006

Toothless grin

Megan dropped her 1st tooth yesterday! She noticed that it was loose a couple of days ago and found that it had progressively worsened. She got extremely paranoid and was on the verge of crying when she found that she could twist her teeth almost 360 degress.
Then the most feared truly happened. We were taking a walk in Vivio City's Toys R' Us and then she simply turned to me with her tooth in her hand. I think I was in more shock than she is. It was so crowded (extremely packed) and I tried to whisk her away as quick as I can to wash up. She was extremely proud of herself that she didn't cry over it. (I'm so proud of her too.)
That poor girl had everything happening to her in 1 day. She had a flu and was running a fever, and a couple of minutes before her tooth came off, her left eye turned red with lots of discharges (we later found out it's conjunctivitis which eventually spread to both eyes) and now she had lost her tooth.
The dropped tooth became her prized possession and I told her the story about the tooth fairy. When she found a $2 bill under her pillow the next day, she was so astonished that the story actually came true and immediately dragged the maid into the room (whilst I'm still sleeping) to tell her of her good fortune. I think she was really in awe because she went around telling everyone how magical it was that the tooth fairy came to her. Hee hee ...........
My little girl has a small growing adult tooth in place of that baby tooth now. Wow......... adult tooth ........... my little girl is maybe not so little afterall now.

Showing off her toothless smile. Did you notice her sore red eye as well?
Met my family for dinner later that night
So funny ..........
So cute..........
Meg took this pic and insisted on this pose (she came up with it)
Uniz and a shock-looking Leto

Ken's thinking of selling his prized bike (email me if interested)
I think Meg is going to miss those short bike rides around the block

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