Friday, October 06, 2006

2 birthdays in 1 post

We celebrated my help, Imah's, birthday last night and then Meg's pre-birthday in the Kindergarten this morning.
It seems I know lots of Librians, there's a birthday every other day :p
Imah hasn't been with me for long but a great help nonetheless. That poor girl gets bullied by Meg and Woofie everyday. The 2 of them (yup even the dog) have kinda figured out who's the last in the pecking order. Thank gooodness, she takes it all in stride. Well I certainly hope she likes her cake and present.
Whereas Meg celebrated her 5th birthday 2 days in advance in her Kindergarten. We're holding a party for her in McDonald's on the actual day. Megan has been waiting forever for today to arrive. Everyone in the family had already celebrated their birthdays and she's the last. She kept asking me why her birthday takes so long to come. She says she wishes everyday is her birthday. I told her she's silly because then it won't be special anymore. She thought hard and replied how about twice in a year, this way it'll still be special. Haha...... I was at a lost for words.

Imah's cake

She's learned that kawaii pose too (from Meg I think)

The flash is too bright for Leto
Cheeky Megan

Wonder what's that expression on Meg's face?
Meg's birthday cake - we've gone through tons of catalogues before she decided on this one

All the kids were as excited as Meg is

Meg doesn't have to be in uniform today. She's feeling extra special in her new birthday dress.
Singing the birthday song
With her bestest friend, Gwen. (It's always Gwen says this and Gwen says that......)

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