Wednesday, October 25, 2006


OMG ......... I think my bones are falling apart! I have never knew pain to be a painful as this. Every single step or even as much as lifting a finger sends excruciating pain through my body. If I wasn't allergic to most pain killers, I would gladly pop one in to alleviate my agony.
Well you see ........... I went wakeboarding yesterday :p And I haven't wakeboard in 6 years (nor any intense sports for that matter). I know you guys think I'm being drama mama again but the truth is I'M IN SUCH FREAKING PAIN! What's more, plus my burnt back and arms, OUCH! No joke. I was never the athletic sort and my muscles were always kinda neglected. Coupled with age, wakeboarding I found out, can be quite a deadly combination.
I was jolted awake in the middle of the night when I tried to change my sleeping position and tuck my arm under my head. I thought that I had twisted my arm in the process. That's when I came to the realisation that the effects of the wakeboarding had set in, just as everyone had assured me it would.
In any case, I am really glad I went. They told me it's akin to riding a bicycle, once you know it, you never forget. And how true it is :) I managed to take off from where I left it 6 years ago. It still beats me where I found the courage to take up wakeboarding. I'm a big scaredy cat with the hugest phobia of water. Yes in short, I can't swim for nuts. *hangs head in shame* And other than my phobia, I'm also the laziest kind of person you can ever find. I will shun anything that remotely needs me to utilize my muscle.
Now that I'm back in the game, in spite of the pain, I'm going to stick with it. So you can expect a very trim me in the very near future! *winks* Hahaha...........

With the gang from FJC

All aboard!

Jermaine, Chris, Ken, William & Benny
Please pretend that you didn't see the extremely mismatched shorts
Meg loves playing with the water
Ken getting his intructions
And off he goes

He was very proud that he managed to stay on for quite a while
Getting up is the crux
Wakeboarding champ in the making :p
Splash! And down I go! Hahaha.......

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