Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The phone and Meg

Megan has a serious aversion to talking on the phone. I know there are some mummies out there who will make it a habit to call their little ones at home at least once a day when they are at work. But I've learnt not to do that with Megan.
She always makes me feel that whatever she's doing then, is more important than coming to the phone. So either she just refuses to pick it up or tell me that I am disturbing her with her play/TV or whatever. The only time that she will speak to me is when there is a specific request. So if I went into casual talk mode, like ask her how's her day, she will promptly tell me she needs to go.
I have no idea her aversion was so bad till recently when her classmate Joanna got hold of my mobile number. Joanna will call and the first thing Megan says to her is not even "hello" but "I have nothing to say to you Joanna!" Alright to be fair, Joanna does call quite a fair bit and it frustrates Meg no end.
Afterwich I will admonish Meg sternly and tell her to speak nicely to Joanna. She makes a half-hearted attempt.
Meg: "Hello Joanna......"
Joanna: "................." (since I don't know what Joanna replied.)
Meg: "Alright say you'll hang up now."
Joanna: "................." ( I would assume she said no.)
Meg: " Say YES!"
And so this would go on till Meg could take it no more and she throws the phone back to me, then she stalks off leaving me to entertain poor Joanna. -_-"' (And this scenario would replay itself a few times over the next few days.)
When I sat Megan down and ask her why doesn't she like to talk on the phone, she replied that she has nothing to say to her friends and besides (get this) her ear gets tired. Hahaha.........
Ken says we should record this conversation and play it back to her in another 5 years. Yah so true ...............

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