Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kindergarten 1 concert

Remember I told you in my last post that I was rushing off to Meg's concert? Kinda in a rush then and didn't have time to explain. It's Meg's annual year end Kindergarten concert. She performed in a chinese dance cum martial arts segment and she's practised really hard for it. She had previously showed me the moves a couple of times at home. I was so excited for her and told her that I couldn't wait to see her at the concert. She was elated that I was so eager and even teased me that I was more anxious than her.

Both of us were simply counting down the days. And finally it's Saturday. Other than watching her at the concert, I also can't wait to apply make-up for Megan. It's like playing barbie doll again. She stood there patiently while I ply layers after layers of make-up on her. I have even managed to apply mascara on her! And she looks sooo pretty, just like a china doll.

Having gained experience from last year's concert (which resulted in the parents standing on chairs rather than sitting on them), I asked Ken to dash up to reserve seats while I send Meg to her class. Alas, we still ended up right behind because the seats were all occupied with tumblers and bags. It's so horrid. But the good thing was that the scene last year didn't repeat and all of us managed to stay seated. Although there's still the jostle at the aisle. You can't imagine what I had to go through to get those videos. Poor Ken was lamenting that he was blocked throughout the concert.
The concert was a success and Meg enjoyed her performance every bit as I did. I must be the proudest mother alive :)

Check out her make-up
Did I do a good job?
Meg's very pleased with it
So sweet
In her class getting ready
Here it goes
Be patient, you'll see her when the girls come out for their segment. I apologise for the constant auto-refocusing of the camera everytime I zoom in. If you look closely at the end, you'll see her scratching her bum! Haha ..........
The grand finale
Very tired after the concert and make-up's almost gone
Little miss grouchy face with Yosuke

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