Friday, September 23, 2005

Last day In Eye Clinic Singapura

Today's my last day of work in the clinic. The clinic that I've come to love so much, so much that I've come to regard it as my second home. It is with mixed feelings that I'm leaving the clinic - jubilant, sadness & fear.
Jubilant - for I'll no longer be under the thumb of that bitch. She'll be the downfall of the clinic. I'll show her that I can do much better outside. I'll prove to her that I'll be far superior in all ways.
Sadness - for I've come to love almost everyone in the clinic, just as most of them has come to love me. The parting scene was really sad. We were bawling our eyes out the entire day. I've never encountered a workplace whereby one feels so much about one's leaving. Our turn-over rate in the clinic is very high & usually no one bats an eyelid when a staff is leaving. To know that I've been loved & revered really touches my heart. It means that my effort in the past 4 years have not gone wasted. It means that I must have been doing things right.
Fear - leaving this warm safe cocoon for the outside world strikes fear in my heart. For I'm sure from now henceforth, the trudge is uphill all the way & the view won't be pretty.
It has taken alot out of me to take this big step forward. I don't know if it's the right thing to do, I guess only time can tell.

A champange (but of course it's only sparkling juice) from the girls to celebrate. They firmly believe that I'll do so much better outside. They have that great deal of faith in me.

My beloved nurses & optometrists.
Top (left to right): Zarina, Paulyn
Middle: Bei Lei, Linda, Me, Trista, Felicia, Sandra, Doreen, Grace
Bottom: Siti, Christy, Liza

My receptionists
Left to Right: Janice, Yani, Arvina, Me again, Linda, Kirsten

Cards from the girls - nothing is more valuable than these.

From Linda

Zarina, Liza, Trista, Siti, Christy - a most thoughtful memorabilia from them. They've put their photos & private messages into this beautiful photo frame.

From Linda too

From all my colleagues.

Once again from Zarina, Liza, Trista, Siti & Christy - They know my weakness well.

From Grace, my best friend, colleague, classmate.

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