Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nelly & Kennon's Birthday

It's the birthday of my 2 best buds today - Nelly & Kennon. They are so close that they go by the name of "stupid woman" & "bluff bluff" respectively. They were formerly my colleagues when I was doing a short stint in marketing 6 years ago. We got on like house on fire & we've remained best pals ever since.

They are the sort of friends that you don't see & don't talk to all the time. We probably meet once half yearly & chat once every 3 monthly (maybe even less). We understand we each have our own commitment & lead our own lives. We don't need to meet up constantly to remain close. In spite of the fact that we rarely catch up with one another, I know they are the most reliable friends that I have, the kind that will be the first to come to my aid if I need them.

I think I can call Nelly my life saviour. For she did just that. She stood by me in my darkest hour & rendered aid in whatever way she could. I wouldn't have lasted this long if not for her staunch support. *tears welling up in my eyes* And when she thinks that I can stand on my own 2 feet, she left me alone to lead my own life. Then when I need her again, she's just a phonecall away.

She's gonna get married next year & live in the States. I'm so going to miss her! *Wails* So HERRY you better treat her right, or if not I am going to bring her back to Singapore & lead her astray! (kekeke.... her fiance is always so worried that I'll corrupt her.)

To find a gem of a friend like Nelly is rare & I'm most fortunate to have found her.

Interesting restaurant in Ngee Ann City. Your own portion of Teppanyaki - just stir & mix the flavourings till it's cooked.

Nel was terrified of it splattering onto her that Kennon's gotta do it. Can you imagine what she's like in the kitchen?! ( erm.... mistake, she's never in the kitchen!)

Nel loves the cake from Bakerz Inn.
Run Kennon run......Nel is so going to kill you for this!

Nel says she's 21 *rolls eyes*.
Sitting together amicably at last.

Kennon & his girlfriend. 

At Taka Square.
Notice the height difference? Ken the photographer was relentlessly teasing me about it.

Notice the height difference now? Kennon had to virtually squat to accomadate my height!

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