Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Election is over & regardless of the result, life goes on. However I do want to thank friends who had taken the effort to read my previous post & even more so for those who helped share it, as well as 'like' it. I'm not sure if my post made a difference but I would like to think that it did.

Although my only attempt at writing a 'political' post seems fairly well received, I think I should just go back to writing what I'm really good at (haha ….. it doesn't matter what you think, at least I think I'm good :p). And so here we are, back to my incentive trip to USA.

Bright-eyed & bushy-tailed after an extremely good night's rest

Doesn't look like much here but it's really yummy!

I love theme parks ☀☀☀

My besties from work

It's pretty evident from my pics whom are the ones I love hanging around with :p

USS tour - Not to be missed!

Folks who're fans of 'Desperate Housewives', you should be familiar with these houses

Realised that a lot of the buildings used in shoots are just an empty shell

Gotten a newfound respect for movies after the tour

Just thinking about the House of Horrors cracks me up. It was scary & funny all at the same time!

Searching for authentic American food & so we settled for Mels Diner

But it was a disappointment :(

We were hooked on the Penny machine - Meg has a collection now


I totally adore E.B. from Hop - soooo cute!

The latest ride in Universal Studios LA but by lunch time, everyone had left USS to go shopping. So it's just the 4 of us left to try it out.

Trying out the pop art effect on Joe's camera

Ooooh ~~~ love the mohawk

Awesome view overlooking Warner Bros after coming out from the ride

Too cheapo to purchase the ride photo - And yes, if you're planning a trip there, this ride is great fun!


My favourite beer (just couldn't resist even while walking around in a theme park :p)


Satiating the inner cam whore

Had a caricature done but I didn't quite like it. What do you think?

Hired a ride by ourselves to meet up with the rest for dinner

Pressies to bribe Meg with

Right after dinner, we headed straight to the mall just before it closes. And even with less than an hour, I still managed to buy something :)

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