Friday, December 15, 2006

To the Zoo

X'mas is drawing near and there's still so much to do. Its been a busy busy week. Other than Christmas shopping, I've also been busy decking up the house with Christmas decors. If you've read Marilyn's blog, the theme this year is red and gold (actually more red than gold). Still have not completed yet though. Once it is done, I'll take some photos to show you peeps.
In the midst, I had also found time to celebrate Gulp's birthday, go to the zoo, and meet up with my old TKGS friends. Quite a fair bit accomplished :)

The highlight of the week has gotta be the trip to the Zoo. We brought Meg and for good measure, decided to ask Ken's cousin, Elizabeth & Jonathan, along too. Meg was thrilled to bits to have them for company. I was actually a tad bit worried before embarking on the outing because I wasn't too sure if Liz and Jon would enjoy themselves. Kids seems so grown-up nowadays that I wasn't sure if they would think the zoo too kiddish for them. (I never know what kids this generation likes anymore.)

However my fears were groundless. Liz had assured me on the tag bard that they did enjoy themselves. :) Ken & I had so much fun with them too. But I believe the one person that enjoyed herself most was Megan. She asked me the moment we got home, that the next time we go on an outing, can we ask Liz and Jon along again. I had never seen her laugh so much! Perhaps we should arrange an outing to the Night Safari soon.

Spraying the insect repellant before starting out.

Everyone's all bright & cheery at the start of the trail

Meg says giraffe is her favourite

Waiting for the white tigers feeding time

They look so majestic

Meg couldn't wait for her turn at the pony ride

Liz had a go too

The Proboscis Monkey

A half-hearted attempt at posing

The kids were fascinated by the snakes

Ken snapped a shot while I was tying my hair but check out Meg's expression. It's so funny that I couldn't resist posting this pic.

Ewwwww....... this totally creeps me out!

Ken & his buddy

Had to rely on the tram now cos we were all so tired from the walking

All trying to squeeze in for a shot on the choo-choo train at the children's world

Brrr......It's freezing cold when the train moves

The penguins were so adorable - reminds me of Happy Feet. Meg does a great imitation of Mumble!

Can you see a look of relief on Ken's face?

Waiting for the last tram to bring us to the exit, that's why! hahaha....

Rain got onto the lens while trying to take a shot

Still looking as cheery as we first started out

A stop-over at Ben & Jerry's before heading home

Hahaha....... Jon's chocolate coated face!

Brought my TKGS classmates for steamboat last night

My loving family

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