Thursday, December 07, 2006

We miss Uniz & Leto :(

Monday was a sad sad day for all of us in the family. Uniz and Leto went back to UK on that day. Well I guess all good things must come to an end and poor Rene must have missed them so much. But it was still just so sad! We had grown so attached to the both of them, getting used to seeing them everyday and to them just simply being here.

It didn't help that I was baby sitting Leto quite a bit, especially when nearer the date that they were going back so as to allow Uniz some time with her friends. I didn't mind having to stay up in the night to take care of her. It made me feel alot closer to her and I miss holding her in my arms.

But I guess their leaving affected Megan more than anyone else. She was already worried about them leaving before they even left and when they finally did, her tears was the first to flow at the airport. However she was too proud to let us see her cry and walked away from the goodbye scene. It was my aunt who noticed that she was quietly crying at the side, back towards us. Seeing her cry, my own waterworks started too.

And at night as she lay in bed, I can hear her sobbing softly. And then she tells me mournfully that she is so sad because she misses baby Leto. Even till today, 4 days after they have gone, not a day goes by without her telling me that she misses Leto so much. She kept asking me when are we going to see them again (which is likely in May or June) and makes me countdown the months for her everytime. At one point, she even ask me to give her an exact date that she would see Leto again. I told her I don't know but she insisted that I give her an exact date so all the better for countdown with. She said it doesn't matter if the date I gave was wrong, she just needed a date.

Sigh....... It makes me so sad that she's feeling so down. But I understand because I miss them just as much too.

At Alex's sister, Christina's, wedding in Rendevous hotel on Saturday

Proceeded to meet the girls for karaoke after that

You can't imagine the amount of photos they took. They're such camera whores that it's scary! (Guess I was a little subdued that night.) Even Jamie was poisoned and now she has a blog too! (Check out her blog at my links on the left.)
Finally the guys have a chance for a pic

Raymond is one hell of a lucky guy! But what in the world is Jamie doing?

Kelly thought I was going to take her when my camera was pointing her way as I was whipping it out for shots with Mar. In the end must take lor because she pose already :p Hahaha!

I still sucks at taking self-pics

We went for steamboat the night before Uniz left. I think Ken is in love with Leto too

She derives great joy from sucking on both her hands

I was teasing her to make her laugh
She's so gorgeous!

The entire family is crazy about her and it isn't hard to see why
Teasing her to laugh for the last time before she leaves for the airport

Uniz with her good pals on Monday at the airport
Meg insists on wearing her leotard and tutu to the airport so as to take a nice photo with Leto to put at her bedside for remembrance

In the process of trying to take that very 'nice' photo

We fear for Leto after a few shots as she looks like she's falling off

Leto starting to cry

The chosen pic (not as perfect as we would like it to be but this will have to do for now)

Waiting at a coffee joint before Uniz checks in

Got elbowed

They do the most hilarious things to make me laugh all the time

I admire her for taking such long haul flight alone with a baby.

The parting scene

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