Monday, January 12, 2009

Kangwei & Meiyan's wedding

I've been dreadful! Doing the one thing that I told myself I shouldn't do in the new year. Procrastinate! Geez ..... barely a month or even week into the new year & my only resolution had gone kaput :p

I am so sorry Kangwei. I know I promised to get this post up asap but had waited till now. The start of this year had been jammed packed with activities and hopefully busy = $! Hee ..... one just had to be practical, right?

I should have done this post way back in December 2008 but well ...... please forgive me :p

Kangwei and Meiyan had been long time sweethearts but for how long, I am not sure. That's because they've been an item since the time I knew them. They were more of Ken's childhood friends and so I am in the circle by affiliation I guess. Kangwei however, has been a little bit more special to me. We share the same birthday that's why! And plus he's a real sweet guy (that I think is related to being born on June 17 :p).

Their wedding dinner in Raffles Town Club - I was late as usual & arrived just before their march-in -__-
I know I haven't said it recently but I still do love you very much
Ken & his buddies
The host is one of the Superstar contest's contestant - their basketball buddy but I don't know his name
'Jing Tong Yu Nu'
Ken's hidden somewhere at the back shouting Yum Seng
It's so good to catch up with everyone again!
Wishing both of you a lifetime of marital bliss!And of course ......... I never fail to get a few self-potraits :p

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