Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go GLAM tis X'mas!!!

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and of course that means Christmas was long over but even then, I can't not blog about something so significant, right? Arghhh ...... I'm seriously so far behind with so many photos and events! This is getting really frustrating but I just don't want to skip any of the events, if you know what I mean. Alright, enough grousing ........ let's get on with the post already.

Christmas party was at my place . Saw that Dior bag? Pressie from Ken!
Potluck this time around cos I can't find time to cook. An interesting assortment of dishes ranging from Indian Rojak to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Are you ready for this? ............. I permed my hair! *screams*
Our theme is Glam in Black & Red - it's pretty cool to be dressed up to the nines & then just stay at home to eat pratas :p
Suave MIB, right?
Think again! Wahahaha!!!
Ken's tie was mine, from last year's D&D 'back to school'. (Glad to know that it can be put to use again :p)All the couples in the house
Our swinging bachelors - Jason is the odd one out!
Love Andrew's dressing (*Andrew - you can come down from the sky now :p)Gifts exchange time!
The cam whore award goes to .......... MARVIN!!!
The lovely husband & wife - Jason & Jamie
*Wolf whistle*Chio bu - DeniseAdjourned to Oscars after countdown
Our waiter for the night :p
Poor Wendy who can hardly keep her eyes openAnd poor Ken who can't keep his eyes openI know you guys can't get enough of me with my new look ........ so more pics before I go! Muahahaha!!! :p

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