Thursday, March 23, 2006 office!!!

My office has shifted and today is officially the first day in my new office. Other than the office being new and all, there is another better deal to it. Guess where is it located? UE Square that's where!

It's party time baby!!!

It's now the days or rather nights of pub crawling and merry-making. Yeah right. Those who knows me well will tell me to wake up and stop dreaming. I will most probably never get to see the night lit sky in Mohammad Sultan for as long as I work there.

Alright now back to reality again, I must confess that it feels really weird in the new office. Formerly our office was split into 2 separate units facing each other. But now we are all merged together. Me being from the smaller office, is not use to the hustle and bustle that goes around in big offices. All the dynamics in there is intriguing.

The other downside is that the work stations have been down-sized and we are left pretty much exposed to everyone that's walking past you. Given my horrid sitting posture, I have to constantly remind myself to keep my legs close when I sit. (Really can't quit that habit when you've been in a girls school all your life.) I sit right next to the copier and so that means I get heavy traffic past my desk each day.

Well but on the bright side, I have managed to get a PC all to myself! Hee...hee... That means you'll get to see me more often (read: blogging in office).
Till then.....Ta Ta!

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