Friday, March 17, 2006

Damn suay

What a black Friday this is! I couldn't have been more down on my luck ever.
First I was late for work and so I called up my boss and told him that I was caught in a massive jam. But the truth is that although I was late I didn't want to waste money on cabs and so I still took my time to take a train. Then the problem started. I saw a senior manager from my company in the same train as me. How I panicked! I pretended not to see him and after I got off the train, I fled as fast as I can. Well I hope he doesn't snitch on me. I drew consolation from the fact that if I was late then he must be just as late as I am.
Then feeling hungry a short while after, I walked over to Paragon, A-mei's coffee & toast joint, for breakfast. Feeling quite miserable as I sat down for breakfast alone, the worst imaginable happened. The lid to my cup of milo wasn't capped properly and as I held onto the lid to drink from the straw, the entire cup and it's contents dropped onto my lap. I can hear loud gasps from the other patrons whereas I was just remained stunned. Thank goodness there were some kind souls about and a lady came forward to offer me wet tissues to clean myself. The group next to me handed me some more tissues and a man even chided the waitress that they didn't cap the drink properly. Alas the waitress didn't do anything to help and didn't even offer to replace my drink. The usually fiesty me was so mortified by the experience that I just kept quiet and meekly finished my food before dashing off for the toilet. I will never patronize that place again.
In spite of that horrendous incident, it has on the other hand warmed my heart. There are still nice people out there afterall. The ladies that helped me, comforted me by saying that it's one of those mornings and wish me luck when I left the place. Another decided to push me an entire pack of tissue when she was leaving and this despite me saying that I don't need it anymore.
I was wearing black pants and the stains didn't show but not my top. I had to almost wash the entire top and still the stains didn't come off. So I spent the entire morning sulking, still sick, dripping wet and sticky.
Apparently that's not the end of it all. I bought tickets to bring Meg to watch Disney world on ice today. And me being me, I waited till the last minute before bolting out of the house to take a cab to the venue. I got into the cab with Meg and told the taxi driver to go to the Singapore Expo. Happily thinking that the journey is only 5 minutes and we will make it just in time. I took out the tickets to take a look and horror of all horrors, the venue is Singapore Indoor Stadium! Sheeesh!!! Finally we made it to the stadium and missed 15 minutes of the show.

I took loads of photos and posted some of the clearer ones. Let's have a look at the photos now to calm ourselves down, shall we?

What's Disney without Mickey and Minnie

Beast emerging from the castle
Mickey in a beautiful lit-up hot air balloon
The humongous whale that swallowed Pinochio
Pinochio with his father
Meg enjoying her over-priced ice kachang
Edna from Incredibles looking extremely like the real deal. Meg was naively asking if they are real people.
The cutest looking dragon from Mulan
The show coming to an end
Posing with her ridiculously priced candy floss. All the things sold there are a real rip off - such exploitation.
In her cute Mickey crown
Enjoying her candy floss
Ken came to fetch us home and here's Meg falling asleep after a tiring day.

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