Saturday, March 04, 2006

The sports club and Manhunt

Ken has just joined the new SIA sports club and we have really taken to the place. It's very close to home and we have the place almost to ourselves on most times we were there. Now whenever we can we are there. Ooohhhh I luurve my tan!

We were down again with Uniz and Meg this time. We spent the entire afternoon lazing in the waddling pool with Meg. Not once did we head for the adult pool. Ken and I had finally managed to spend some quality time with Meg. I can tell that she had a real good time albeit extremely tired and grouchy at the end of the day.

And as if luck will have it, they were showing a preview of Manhunt 2006 in Eastpoint Mall when we went to have our dinner there at the end of the day. We were extremely tired and actaully wanted to leave without watching it. But OF COURSE WE STAYED!!!

Alright........wipe off those drool girls!

We were expecting an eye feast but it's a real disappointment. Why? Look at the photos and you'll know.

Sun shining into Meg's face. (look at that expression)

Still the same expression

Shiny Uniz (thanx to the sunblock)

Beautiful pool, isn't it?

With her new friend Dino (Ken just bought it for her)

I don't know why my face so cramp looking

Look closely at the pics, girls. You'll be just as disappointed as I am. But we had a lovely time bitching though ;)

Just when we were leaving, they paraded out in their swimming trunks and we immediately retrace our steps and stayed rooted. (Should have seen us, it was hilarious! So tiko) I was worse. I zoomed straight to the front hoping to get a better shot with my camera. But what was funnier was that the guys had strategically positioned themselves right in my face - wearing their WHITE trunks. My face turned beetroot coloured and quickly beat a hasty retreat. I think Ken nearly died of asthma attack laughing!
Out of all, this one's my favourite. (Even then, he's not that hot) Well let's wait and see who wins the contest.

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