Friday, March 10, 2006

Alex's ROM

Urrgghh..... just got back from work.
Although I am technically on leave today, I still had to go back in the evening to help out in yet another public forum. They seem to be never ending.
Both Ken and I took leave today to attend Alex and Jia Jia's ROM ceremony. It must have been ages since I have last been there but now this year, I will be going at least twice. Why twice? That's because the next one will be Uniz's in June! I am so thrilled!!!
It was all done very speedy and I wonder how the registrar can sit there through these years reciting the same vows day in day out. Amazing.

After the ceremony, Alex treated all of us to lunch at 'Spring Court' (Yong Chun Yuan) located opposite Chinatown Point. Now why am I so specific with the location all of a sudden? That's because I want to illustrate how 'good' my sense of direction is. Ken wasn't sure of the way there from the registry but I insisted that I do. So poor Ken was led on a wild goose chase by me in a manual car. On top of that we were running extremely low on petrol.

I led him first to Bras Basah, then to Beach Road, then Lavender, then Bugis, then back to Bras Basah again, then Hill Street and finally I spotted Chinatown Point. But before you shout HURRAY - Stop! I realised it's a one way street and so we went one huge round up to Outram and just when it's reaching, I forgot to tell Ken to make a right turn. So there we go again on the same huge turn-around before finally reaching our destination. Hallelujah!

Can you imagine Ken's face by the time we reach? Afterall I did make him turn round Chinatown Point 3 times, so who could blame him? It took us more than half an hour to get from the Registry of Marriages to Chinatown. It's no mean feat I tell you.

So now you know why I have sworn off driving manual car.........

Outside the registry

In the waiting room

Exchanging the Wedding Band
And now the wedding vow
Signing on the dotted line
The beautiful couple
We couldn't resist taking a pic in the hot seat too. But we fell short of borrowing Jia Jia's bouquet and their cert!

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