Saturday, December 22, 2007

England / Czech trip - Day 8 (The wedding Part II)

I am back from Hong Kong! Super duper dead beat from all the non-stop walking and shopping. Everyday is a race against time. There's just not enough time to cover everything! How I wish there was 36 hours in a day instead of just 24. So instead of coming back refreshed from a holiday, I am more drained than ever. I concussed for a good 18 hours after I landed in Singapore. That was how tired I was.

Again loads of photos to show for it but let me collate them because there are more pics from Juliana's and Marvin's camera.

I really don't know how to blog now as I haven't finished blogging the photos from my England /Czech trip and now there's the photos from the Hong Kong trip. ~Stress~ Anyway I will do what I can. So I will continue with what I had left off before I went to Hong Kong.

At Uniz's wedding reception. It was a whole day affair starting at around 1pm & ending around 10pm. There was free flow alcohol too. Whatever you want, they have it. Can you imagine how wasted we were on alcohol by the end of the day?
Meg looking on disapprovingly at Leto playing with the fork. Haha~ She's always lording over everyone.
So sweet ......
The ambience was really cosy
Mum looking very elegant
And Meg looking like a fairy princess (check out her wings)
A sweet pastry served at weddings
Hee~ same hairstyle as Leto
Love is all around
I love this pic!
Family photo
Diana Aunty
Mum & Godma
Godma was thrilled to see Meg, having not seen her at all in so many years.
Meg found a friend but both couldn't converse in each other's language
Went around the restaurant looking for places to take photos
Ciggies vending machine
The food were displayed so nicely that it looks really appetizing
Meg was bored to tears having to be there for so many hours
For those that knows Meg well will know she doesn't take well to being manhandled like that. She must be extremely peeved :p
Leto had changed out of her flower girl's dress
The wedding cake. It's home-made. Quite something, huh?
Going to make a toast. Uniz got so emotional while making her speech that she almost cried. I got a chance to make a speech too. My dad spoke in mandarin & I translated it for him :p
Trying to take pictures of myself but no matter what I do, the colours won't turn out right.
Erycka happily butted in while I was taking pics of myself
This is sooo unglam! It's totally not me to show you such unflattering shots of myself but this is just too hilarious not to share. Another pic to show you how ingenious Erycka can be. She stuck her finger to my nose the moment I pressed the button on the camera.The timing was so good that I couldn't even react nor protest.
Poor Ken couldn't drink cos he was driving. And he even had to look after those who were drunk.
Meg loves her get-up that day
Many many drinks later .......
Aunty Ling, Lucas & Dad were closer than chums
Erycka was the hot favourite that day being a single Chinese girl. She literally had to flee from some of them.
And the disco starts
Our new family in Czech
Erycka & Meg
The guy is Rene's youngest brother. The girl I took photo with is pretty much wasted at that point.
Uncle Terrence was a real good sport. He went behind the bar to entertain everyone. But oh-oh guess he drank a tad bit too much. Anyway Rene says it's not a wedding unless the guests gets dead drunk.

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