Friday, December 07, 2007

England/ Czech Trip - Day 5 (Mooncake Festival)

The view while we were travelling to town
Grocery shopping!
Picking up vegetables we haven't seen before
Looks like we're unloading, right? But only pretending! We were posing for the camera :p
Rene brought us up to the woods to take a walk
It was absolutely freezing at that high altitude. Besides it was raining a lot in Czech. The temperature there then should have been about 4 degrees celsius.
Mum & Meg
That's Godma Sandy - I can't wait to see her in Hong Kong soon!
It's so romantic to take a walk through the woods. It's enough to make 2 persons fall in love with each other again. But then again of course we weren't totally in the correct mood with the whole ging gang there.
I love the beautiful array of greens, yellows & reds. A pity it's only the beginning of autumn & the leaves were just starting to turn red, or else the sight would have been more breathtaking.
Ken wasn't exactly dressed the part for walking in the freezing woods
In the end, both Ken & Meg retired to the car early because of the freezing cold. On hindsight, they could have been driven to the car by sheer boredom as well since the rest of us went ga-ga taking photos after photos :p
Erykca & I are so into taking emo pics. Haha~
Even mum joins in. She even borrowed Godma's hat! A pity the photo is too blurred. All of us had such a good laugh taking the photos.
It's Mooncake Festival! We knew that we would be celebrating it in Czech & hence went well prepared with luggages stocked with mooncakes, chinese tea, barbecued pork & lanterns. We had loads of fun lighting up the lanterns & hanging them all over the garden. Such a pretty sight!
We invited Rene's dad & his girlfriend to join us in celebrating the festivity
Like I mentioned before, it's been raining so we didn't get to see the moon :(
It was so cold that night (way colder than the woods) & I was bundled up unflatteringly like the abominable snowmanOther than chinese tea, we were also drinking, beer, red wine & champagne. But then again, we were drinking beer, red wine & champagne every night! Rene's dad had plenty of alcohol in the house & we were to help ourselves to it. So you'll find us sitting outdoors whenever possible, enjoying the drinks. It's amazing we didn't turn into alcoholics! :p
All of us looking good & happy :DDD
After the garden party ended, we adjourned inside the house to watch mum do a trial bridal make-up for Uniz. Did I mention that mum is a beautician & a make-up artist?

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