Thursday, December 06, 2007

England/ Czech Trip - Day 4 (Karlovy Vary)

It was after midnight by the time we reached Rene's house. As all was dark, we couldn't see much of the surroundings. So when morning came, we were astounded by the view. We were greeted with the most spectacular scenery. We were high up in the mountain & we saw nothing but trees & plains in multitudes of greens. As it's the start of Autumn, the leaves were starting to turn red. I was so in awe by the view.
Rene stays in a town called Karlovy Vary which is about 2 hours drive from Prague. The house has a huge compound & is situated high up in the mountains
That's Rene's dad. He was extremely hospitable. He has 2 houses & he lets us have a free run of 1 of them.
That's the house that Rene & his dad was staying in, across the road while we were there.
We were all so thrilled at the sight of an apple tree
Meg is picking apples from the tree. She likes climbing trees. (As per dictated by Meg, while she sits besides me :p)
And of course now my turn to pose with the tree
Chopping firewood is really no easy task but Rene's dad made it look so easy
Went into Karlovy Vary town for some shopping but I wasn't there cos I went with Uniz to run some errands
Ken sweetie
And Erykca who loves to pose
It doesn't make sense to drink soft drinks cos it costs more than beer
Finally we're back to join the group at the end of the day
Back to the house in the evening & it's photo taking time!
It's simply awesome that this breathtaking view is right there in your own backyard
Erykca said she thought of a pose & asked me to look straight & smile. I stupidly obeyed her!
Ken's sitting on this bench right outside the house. We spent alot of time sitting out here while we were there. The view is too beautiful to be wasted staying indoors.
No matter how low is the temperature, you can find us sitting out there
It's a pity that Rene's dad can't speak nor understand English for he is such a hospitable man. However we still managed to communicate through gesturing.The slang in Czech for 'hi' is 'ahoy'. So we went around town going ahoy, ahoy ahoy!Everyone was elated when they saw chestnuts in abundance while in town. They started picking them thinking that we can fry & eat them in the night. But we were not the only ones picking the chestnuts. We saw many of their local children picking them too. Rene says it's for the animals in the woods. As winter is approaching & food is scarce, children collects these chestnuts & bring them to school. The school collates them & the wood taker brings it to the wood for the animals. This is so interesting!
You want to know how the chestnuts taste? Awful! Not palatable at all! Haha ........ it's a completely different breed from what we get here locally. No wonder the dad was looking at us strange when we tried eating them :p
Since it's inedible, Meg used them to play games instead
Beef Goulash for dinner but since I can't take beef, I cooked the instant porridge that I brought with me. Haha ...... typical right?
Meg taking pics around the house
Coals for the heater
In the basement putting the coals. Now we have heat for the night :)

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