Sunday, December 09, 2007

Past 2 weeks

Although all I was doing was blogging about nothing but the Czech trip for the past 2 weeks, it didn't mean nothing was happening in my life. It's jammed packed with activities as usual. So here it goes .............

Celebrated Peifen's birthday in Bottle Tree Village
Ken's bunch of old friends that dates more than 20 years back (I think :p)
Both of them are always full of antics
A Bottle Tree
An aimless Sunday. Nothing to do & no where to go, we just sat around for kopi with some FJC guys in Coffee Bean Suntec. Weiming joined us too.
Then it's dinner in Chinatown
Lastly to Altivo for some drinks. The place was done up so beautifully for X'mas!
We fell in love with the toilet!
We paid $3 cover charge & it entitles us to a free cable car ride. In the end, all we did was take the cable car & we didn't even order a drink! Haha ...... cheapos :p
Ugly ugly James .........
Tallest Christmas tree. Just when Ken & I posed for a photo in front of it, they shut off the lights. -_-""
The moon was bright & round that night
I just love all the lighting effects
The guys smiling so happily cos they thought they were rid of James
Nope can't get rid of him no matter what :p
The babes
Artificial snow/ foam
Cable car ride- it was way too hot & stuffy in there!
Meg with her thick thick make up for her debut in Victoria Theatre. I was so excited for her!
Driving my prima ballerina to the theatre
Waiting anxiously for Meg to come on stage
The adorable pre-primary groups
The standard of the concert was really quite good & I was impressed. Everyone did an extremely good job & I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the concert.
Meg's item - Angels from the realm
Grand finale
Can you spot Meg? (Clue: She's in the front row wearing blue.)
Throngs of parents waiting for their kids outside the backstage door
Friday was the monthly FJC meet-up in Kallang. However it started to rain & so we adjourned to Villa Bali
Meg was the official photographer. I didn't take a single shot while I was there.
Weihao taking a picture of Meg taking them
Look closely behind. The intended subject was Chris & Benny at the back but Eric purposely stuck his head out to tease Meg.
Now blocking with the back of his head! It had Meg jumping up & down :DDD
On the way to attend an unofficial FJC D&D in an Indonesian restaurant in Riverside Point last night.
The close knit group
Oops........ messy hair
Darling Juliana
Many more years to come!

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