Tuesday, December 11, 2007

England/ Czech trip - Day 8 (The wedding part I)

The wedding! Finally the big day had arrived for all of us! It is dated 28 September 2007.

You can't even start to imagine the chaos that erupted on the morning of the wedding. It's insane trying to dress up with so many people and only 1 bathroom. Well although that had been the norm for this trip but that morning seemed more unmanageable with adrenalines running high in all of us.

Other than ensuring that myself look good, I also had to help dress Meg & Leto. Then while my mum made-up for Uniz, I made-up for Godma. She's never had make-up in her life and I think I did a darn good job, if I might say so myself.

Erykca and I had been musing prior to the wedding because we could never imagine how Uniz would look like in a wedding gown. She's never been a frills and lace person and with her dregs plus piercings, she's definitely unconventional. Therefore when we saw her in her pretty gown lined with little red rose buds, we were pleasantly surprised. Uniz looked gorgeous - every bit the blissful bride! She did a real nice job of picking out the gown.

But you will never guess what she wore on her feet. Red Doc Martens look-alike kind of boots! Haha ......... No one will be able to carry off her style.

Whereas our little flower girl, Leto, sported a mohawk & wore green army shoes with her adorable flower girl dress. Like mother, like daughter, right? :DDD

Waiting to go into the chapel
Uniz was terribly disappointed that she's unable to hold her wedding ceremony as originally planned in the garden of a castle, as it was raining. It was held in the chapel instead. But it's believed among the locals that it's a good sign to rain when a couple gets married. So I guess that's more important.
Waiting for the bride & groom to arriveHere comes our 2 little beautiful angelsDad walking Uniz into the chapel. He must have been so proud at that moment.Erm.... where's Leto?
I'll give you a clue. The red arrow is pointing to a mohawk.
She wandered off at the start of the ceremony towards us & stood in the aisle for a long time basking in our attention. Look at Rene's amused expression in the background.
What a sweet angel!
Finally her grandma returns her to her parents' side
The ceremony was so touching
Cheers to happiness & love forever!
Giving our wishes and blessings
I don't think you can tell from here but my eyes were red-rimmed and I was trying my best not to cry. I was so touched to tears. I am so happy for my dear sister.
So romantic with the quartet playing in the background
Family photo!
Not at all glam as we were lugging all the haversacks with us :p
Meg was full of self-importance that day and remained fairly sullen & serious throughout the ceremony. She was making sure that she did everything right & I must say that she was pretty annoyed that Leto didn't get half the things right. She was so stressed at trying to make Leto stay put & go where she's suppose to go. Haha ....... Uniz praised her doing such a good job that day & she was so proud of herself!

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