Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hong Kong (13 & 14 Dec 07)

I received a message from Miko asking why am I still blogging about my England trip instead of the Hong Kong trip. Well it makes sense to blog it while it's still fresh in my mind, so here's the pics from my Hong Kong trip instead. I will leave the remainder of the photos from my England trip till later.

The main purpose of my trip was to visit my Godma. And since some of the FJC people are going, we thought that it was a great idea to join them. The plane tickets were fully booked and so we had to fly out 2 days earlier than them and leave 1 day earlier.

Since my Godma lives in Hong Kong, I am no stranger there. But it's been at least 3 years since I last visited. I had always liked Hong Kong. I don't know why, something in the air perhaps? Eric feels exactly the same way as well. He's lamenting everyday how much he misses Hong Kong now that he's back. It's Ken's and Meg's first visit there though and I can't wait to show them the place!

Took an evening flight (SQ870) out (can't help it cos fully booked)
Meg enjoying her kid's meal
She absolutely loves Singapore Airlines cos she's kept occupied with the games & the cartoons. She's well-acquainted with SQ after the England trip.
Toying with the functions of my camera & at the same time watching her get busy with the activity pack provided
Arrived in Hong Kong almost close to midnight & woke up early next morning to go for Dim Sum breakfast with my Godma.
Godma was busy with work & so I told her not to worry. We'll tour Hong Kong on our own. Our 1st stop was Stanley Market
Meg can take fairly decent photos now so we need not ask passer-bys for help with photo-taking
She's not deep in thoughts. That's just 1 of her poses :p
Great sea view
Both of them brings smiles to my face
Quaint looking cafes along the road
Meg brings Princess Meow Meow wherever she goes
Meg's obsessed with Super Mario. She's hooked onto the game after we got her a Nintendo DS. She says she's trying to look like she's going after the mushroom like Mario.
Our next stop was Causeway Bay. And we went there via mini bus like the ones we see in Hong Kong TV serials. Look at both their tired faces & it's not even half a day yet!
Times Square
It's jammed packed with people
They've got really pretty decors
Little imp closing her eyes pretending to be asleep
Ken couldn't take the walking anymore & so we stopped to rest our feet at my favourite Ben & Jerry's
Heading to our next destination via MTR
Destination = Mongkok City Centre
Godma brought us all the way to New Territory to have dinner. Yummy!!
Last stop was a lounge in a hotel (can't remember which one) for some unwinding but there was some amendment to the law & Meg wasn't permitted in. So we couldn't stay. But in any case, we were way too tired from the day's activities & were happy to just go home.
Hotel lobby was very nicely done up but look closely at the big X'mas tree
It's made of plastic bottles!
In fact that's not all. Cans were also used.
Glass bottles as well! How innovative, right? And they did it up so nicely that you don't even feel that it's cheap looking or that the place looks like a recycle ground.
Meg's hair was already all dishevelled
Tired but very happy by the end of the day :DDD


  1. hi, wld like to ask u how much does SQ charges for kids' fare?

    is it the same for all airlines?


  2. I believe the fare varies from season to season & whether there's promo or not but the kid's fare is something like 3/4 that of the adult's fare. I paid close to $400 including taxes for Meg's tix to Hong Kong.

    Budget airlines doesn't have kid's fare though. So it's still cheaper as a family to travel by SQ.

  3. hi thks for the reply.

    just wonder the kids' fare applies to what age? if 0-12mths bb need to pay?

  4. I am not sure about the age limits but I am sure your travel agent would be able to advise better. Although I know that there's an infant's fare other than kid's fare.


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