Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hong Kong (15 Dec 07)

Today the FJC gang arrives! Setting off to meet them at their hotel Oops ....... can't see Meg :p
Ah there ........
We took a tram before changing to a MTR.
Very cheap & affordable!
We were supposed to take the MTR at Central but missed it so we got off at the Sheung Wan MTR station instead
Our stop was Tsim Sha Tsui
Finally met up with the guys!
Didn't waste any time & they started shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui immediately. Thank god Meg has her DS to keep her occupied.
Couldn't help taking a photo of this very creepy looking staircase in the shopping mall. Think I watched too many Hong Kong TV serials :p
Back at their hotel to change for the night's programme - Park Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui
Taking the MTR to Central for more shopping! Can you see James & Ju's ghostly images in the background of the left pic? Everytime someone pose for a shot, you'll inevitably find another person"gatecrashing" the pic. -_-"'
A bunch of camera whores
After Central, we were off to The Peak. It's Peishan aka Fishball Mee's birthday & we decided to celebrate it there. Don't know if you can tell from here but the wind was blistering cold! I think Meg's expression tells it all.
We decided on this restaurant "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co." for dinner. The shrimp is their mascot. You know why? Do you remember the movie Forrest Gump? Forrest promised his dead buddy Bubba (a shrimper) to buy a shrimp boat. The entire restaurant was full of Forrest Gump's movie quotes.
I got busy with the camera whereas Ken & Meg got busy with the DS.
Cosy ambience
A most scenic view from the restaurant
If you need the waiter, flip the tag to 'Run' & if you don't flip it to 'Stop'
Meg is forever scowling in her pics. Another childhood phase?
The food arrives but I must say it's only so-so
Whatever they lacked in taste, they made up for it with service. It was impeccable. They even dimmed the lights when the birthday cake was brought out. All of us were caught by surprise when the lights were dimmed. Then Eric lied to Peishan that it's to allow us to see the view better & she fell for it! She was so busy looking out of the window that she was truly startled to see the waiter standing in front of her with the birthday cake.
Some of the movie quotes
360 degress panoramic view of Hong Kong from the sky terrace at 'The Peak Tower'
If the wind was blistering cold at the bottom of the tower, can you imagine the wind at the top? It was not only cold but so strong that we couldn't hold our cameras properly. It's no mean feat holding it steady in our hands!
Now you see it
Now you don't! Wahahaha ......... Those crazy guys dared each other to strip in the freezing cold. And not to mention in front of a whole bunch of onlookers!
Not many pics of us ladies cos our hairs' a mess there :p
We discovered that the wind is the strongest at this point
And so there they go again!
Ken was really proud that he endured the entire episode in The Sky Terrace with only a T-shirt. The rest of us were all bundled up.
Jason was missing from our group pic cos he couldn't take the cold & went to seek for shelter & warmth right from the start
Meg was freezing real bad as well & begged to leave the place asap
Everyone passed their scarves to Meg to protect her from the cold
Dazzling lights
Finally away from the cold & getting ready to leave for our next destination
Lan Kwai Fang
Party was in full swing & the street was jammed packed with merry-makers. The entire place was so vibrant with life & energy! Many were amused to see Meg in their midst. And Meg was just as fascinated to see so many people dressing up as santas or santarinas.
Here's a very innovative one dressing up as a Christmas tree. He even had the lights & all!
As we had Meg, we couldn't stay for drinks. But we still went anyway cos I wanted to show Ken what Lan Kwai Fang was like. After a walk through the street, we left for home & the rest started their party.

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