Saturday, December 08, 2007

England/ Czech trip - Day 6 & 7 (Lake house)

A brand new day!
- one of the rare pics taken in the house (don't know why it didn't occur to us to take photos in the beautiful house)

We rented a 9 seater & poor Ken was the designated driver. Thanks darling, I knew it was real hard work & you didn't really enjoy yourself.
Went into Karlovy Vary town again
Didn't take any pics of myself cos I was in a foul mood :p
Interesting restaurant name
Meg looks so cute in her beanie
Spotted yet another Honda Jazz
Rene's dad brought us to his lake house later in the day. A lake house! Can you imagine? It's so awesome.
All of us lined up by the furnace to take photos
Again it was raining & the sky was overcast
Initially it was only Erykca taking the picture but Meg decided to invade the photo :p
Self potraits
Meg wants to pose with a flower too
By the lake
A view of the lake house
With sweetheart
Everyone cheered when they saw the abundant apples growing on the trees. We had an apple feast!
That's Erykca by the way, in case you can't tell
A really interesting tree trimmed squared at the top
The leaves are turning red
Meg insisted that we wear the flower on our ears
Check out the view~
Mum's turn to pose by the shed
Mum & Dad
It was a haven for Meg cos she adores flowers & there's plenty of it there. Meg has the habit of asking us to buy her flowers whenever we pass by a flower shop. So 'girl', right?
This is day 7 & Uniz brought us to a mall for some last minute wedding shopping. Not much pics cos we were busy shopping of course. The can that Ken is holding is suppose to taste like marijuana but of course drug free.
Here's Meg getting ready for bed. Most of them have gone out either to casino or the bachelorette party. I stayed at home to look after Meg & Leto. Tomorrow's the WEDDING!

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