Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Did I tell you that I love Christmas?

I had a thoroughly fun-filled Christmas this year. In fact, I don't think I had ever laugh as hard as I did yesterday. You know why? As usual, we had a X'mas party at my place but Andrew came up with an ingenious idea for a theme party. If you haven't read Andrew's blog yet, go and read it. He is the newest kid on the blog. (Get the pun? Blog/ Block? Wahahaha ............) He says think Fashion Disaster. And a major disaster it is!

These guys are the coolest I tell you. Despite the fact that it was a last minute decision (late night before X'mas eve), most of them actually really dressed up for it. I can't wait to show you the photos. It was totally hilarious. And of course I dressed up for it too. This will be the only time you will see me 'uglify' myself because I am way too vain :p Never, never am I ever going to do this again! So go on and have a good laugh at my expense because it's the season of giving afterall :DDD

Merry X'mas y'all!!!

Went down with some of the FJC peeps to Orchard just before we left for Hong Kong to take some photos of the X'mas lighting
Outside Paragon
Ken & Meg teasing each otherCopying the pose of the sculpture behindBeautiful lightingsNow's our turn to copy the pose of those mannequinsLook where???We had such a fun time imitating all the posters that we see around usLucky PlazaTangs
Everyone stopped to stare while we were taking this pic in the underpass. Haha~ So embarrassingWisma AtriaNutcracker?Let this ballerina show you some real movesLast minute X'mas shopping on SaturdayHad my favourite Koka Steamboat in Ngee Ann City after shoppingIt's X'mas eve! Are you ready to see the pics? Be warned though, some pictures might be offensive. (Although I think most of the FJC peeps would agree with me that any photo with James in it would be classified offensive :p Haha ...... evil!) Aunty Mary was really nice to offer to cook & so we trooped to her house for a sumptuous X'mas dinner. We warned Aunty Mary well ahead of time that there will be very weird characters going for dinner. Thank goodness she's very liberal & had a good laugh with us.Here's Eric showing off his abs. His idea of fashion disaster. -_-"'Here's our family of fashion disaster victims. Jason deliberately stood behind us - "Passerby A" .Adjourned to our house for more merry making & gifts exchange. This year's colour theme for the Christmas tree is BLACK & GOLD. (The same colour theme as our car.) It was extremely hard to pull off black on a green tree. In fact, I was almost resigned to a ugly looking tree this year. I was constantly racking my brains for ideas & went on several shopping trips just for the tree decors. Finally on X'mas eve itself, I took the tree apart again & redid the decorations. And eventually it did turn out looking ok afterall :DDThe prize money of $100 in the ang pow for the winner of our fashion disaster contestMy darlings with my darling :)And let the party start!Haha......cannot make it :p
Classic shirts from Weihao. Did you use to own one too? It's Versace, mind you.A little love from MarvinTheme inspired by AndrewTime for solo photography session. Everyone had to have a go.
The little red arrow pointing to a packet of ciggies on Mar's shoulder. Haha ..... trust her to think of that!
*Bish*Woofie's all dressed up too!Posing with our gift exchange pressies. I received the crappiest gift of the year, thanks to James *rolls eyes* - A styrofoam box containing a pair of socks, a packet of nuts & a packet of cable ties! Why in the world would I need a cable tie??!!I refused to collage this pic cos Andrew's expression is such a classic! Everyone has just gotta see it :pKen received a massager, shaped like a fist but apparently Eric had found better uses for it Meg opening her pressies. But why isn't she smiling?Cos she lost her front tooth that day, that's why! Haha ...... she looks so cute without her front teeth. Everyone is singing 'All I want for X'mas is my 2 front teeth' to her.Tallying the votes for the best dressed. (Not bad.... I managed to earn 1 vote :p) And the winner is ......... *drum rolls* Chang! I voted for Chang too! :)It's midnight! Merry Christmas!!!We are a big happy familyWe had Christmas lunch in Aunty Jac's & Uncle Joe's place today
A lovely Christmas tree decorated with lollipops!
2 gorgeous young ladies - Liz & Steph
Meg with Uncle Thomas & Aunty Mary
Meg had so much fun that she's staying there for the night (hence why I am blogging now), which is a very unusual request from her cos she's a painfully shy kid.Merry X'mas sweeties!

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