Tuesday, November 27, 2007

England/ Czech Trip - Day 3

This is a very short post regarding day 3 of my trip. That's the day we were travelling to Czech Republic, hence most of our time was spent in the coach and on the aeroplane.

Woke up early in the morning & putting on my make-up by the side of the window. I saw a squirrel running past in the field in front of me & I couldn't resist whipping out my camera to take a shot of it. (Look closely at the background pic to see if you can spot the squirrel.) The neighbourhood was so peaceful & quiet. I really like the feeling of waking up seeing the little animals & the surrounding greens. It makes me feel a little bit closer to Mother Nature.
There is a pedestal in Uniz's garden, on which she places fruits & peanuts so that the squirrels can help themselves to them.
Meg & Uncle Terrence patiently waiting for the squirrels to appear. Well they didn't have to wait too long cos they really do come out quite often to get food. Meg was thrilled to bits to be able to feed them.
Camera whoring runs in the family. Hee~
Here's Leto in her bumble bee travelling suit. Uniz always makes her travel in that. Bzzzzzz ..........
Whiling the time away while we wait for the cabs to arrive
Some of us play cards & some of us were lucky to get a massage, courtesy of Aunty Diana. Shiok!
Here's Meg looking like a seasoned traveller
Our flight to Czech - Thomsonfly
Finally ....... We've arrived in Prague!

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