Friday, November 23, 2007

England/ Czech Republic trip - Day 2 (Oxford)

Getting ready to leave for our tour of Oxford
Everyone was thrilled to be going out with Leto
Uniz's estate
Ken volunteered to take care of the 2 kids while on the bus
Oxford city centre
Mum's way better at this posing business than I ever am
Both of them looking cool :pPlease don't ask me what's the location we are posing at because I haven't the slightest idea myself!Like good Singaporean citizens, we took pics wherever we go, never mind the history of the site!On our way to lunch at The Turf Tavern - The Turf Tavern is a historic pub located just outside the Oxford city walls. Check this out, it's foundation is dated way back to 14th century! It's been visited by many well-known figures who used to study in Oxford & Cambridge. Godma, Mum, Dad & Aunty LingOur attempts at taking emo pics. Wahaha ......Erycka wanted to attempt this pose but ...........Realised her hands & legs were too short! Hahaha ......... So she had to settle for this pose instead.While we were waiting for our food, the both of us went around & experimented all kinds of poses in different backgrounds. I know ..... camera whores :p Darling Leto at The Turf TavernThey've got really interesting 'posters' (erm ..... don't know how else should I call it). Try & see if you can read the words. The front of 1 of my boots started to gape open! Erycka's ingenious way of salvaging the boots till I managed to buy another pair much later in the day. Did I mention that my pair of trainers suffered the same fate when I toured London the day before? 2 pairs of shoes destroyed in 2 consecutive days! I so couldn't believe my luck.In the background is Bodleian Library - filming location for Harry PotterSo cute!
Meg was helping to push the pram the entire day
Ken loves kids
Mandarin ducks in the background
That was all there is to our tour of Oxford cos the remainder of the day was spent shopping! Told you we are good citizens :p
Ken is always on the lookout for a Honda Jazz & gets extremely excited whenever he sees one. -_-"'
We had BBQ in the garden that night. It was shiok barbecuing in such cold weather!
Cheers everyone!

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