Thursday, November 22, 2007

Home alone

This is one of the extremely rare nights whereby I am actually home alone. No Ken, no Meg and no domestic helper even. Ken's MiMi is here from Kuala Lumpur for the night and Meg seems taken with her. Hence she gamely (not to mention strangely) asked to stay the night at Aunty Mary's place. This is so unlike the extremely shy her!

Caught in the parenting dilemma of wanting her to be independent and yet too worried to let go completely. We came up with a perfect solution and asked our help to stay behind with her instead. This way she will have someone there who's knows her habits inside out and at the same time, not tied to our apron strings. Yeah! :p

And as for Ken, he is now at one of the nightly 'die die must go' FJC kopi (translate = coffee) session. I was sorely tempted to join him since I am free of my motherly duty tonight but the lure of the bed is far greater.

However of course, since I have the night free, how can I waste it by sleeping? Life's full of dilemma and contradiction, isn't it? Hahaha ........ Ken is going to be so peeved to know that I am blogging instead of sleeping as I said I would.

Talking about Ken and blogging, it suddenly dawned upon me that I had not updated his blog in ages. A quick check revealed that my last entry was on 31 July 2007. OMG ............ coming 4 months! Little wonder he says that I had been neglecting him. MENTAL NOTE TO SELF: Update Ken's blog ASAP!

And you know the other thing about contradiction? My new phone. I chosed it because it was so darn slim but now each time I need the phone, I have to pour the entire contents from my bag before I could hunt it down! Why can't life be a little bit simpler? :p

Just before I end, I want to wish Sam all the best in his future endeavours and thank him for all the help and advice he had given me. He has definitely made a difference in my working life and I am going to really miss having him around.

P.S. Also hi to Dave *waves*, who's stumbled his way to my blog.

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