Saturday, November 17, 2007

Missing Uniz & family .........

Uniz and her beautiful family went back to England today. I am really depress ............. I am going to miss them sooo much! *wails*. Can you imagine, it will probably be a year later before I get to see them again. By then Leto would have grown so much and we would have missed all these little details in her life. Not to mention that she would have forgotten all about us. She has grown pretty attached to us on this trip here. But well ......... I guess that's life.

I had been trying to spend as much time with Uniz & Leto as much as possible and thus had not been blogging. So here are the photos for the past 2 weeks. Please remind me again not to accumulate the photos because it sheer torture trying to blog so many photos in one shot :p Urghhhh ....... anyway my bad.

Meg's Kindergarten 2 annual concertIf I might say so myself, she looks sooo pretty! It took me almost an hour to make her up.She's the 2nd chick from the left & then the 2nd from the right while on stage.

At the Zoo
Meg riding 'King', the ponyLeto was really excited to sit on the pony but a pity she's not qualified to go round for rides yetMeg & her DadaReached the children's world at the zooMeg got selected to participate in the showThe favourite part of the kids' day at the zoo - playing in the ball poolAutralian outbackGetting dressed to go for Alan's wedding lunch in Meridien ChangiWishing you both a happy marriage!Ken got arrowed by Alan to go up on stage for the gameWe rented videos and drank champagnes at home - great bonding time! Our own small family night out for our favourite teppanyaki My darlings came over to my place for teppanyaki & play with Leto
My lovely darlings

Uniz & Rene were away for their honeymoon & left Leto in my care
The girls were sensitive enough not to neglect Megan. These babes are the best!
Took the opportunity to bring Leto out without her parents. We went to Sentosa with the FJC group.

Leto had a lot of fun playing with the water

My 2 beautiful girls
Ken adores Leto as much as I do
Trying to take a nice pic but the guys are enroaching from the sides!
Invited themselves into the pic :p
They are back from their honeymoon & we decided to go out for dinner before they bound for home
Pariss International in Marina Square
I love my family
Mum brought the kids home & we adjourned to Thumper for some drinks
Meet Mamat, the No.1 flair bartender in Singapore
Farid, Erycka's Mentor
Erycka looking very demure that night
The loving couple
Erycka is a camera whore as much as I am
Brought the kids to Wild Wild Wet but too bad Uniz couldn't make it cos she was not well. I have to give Wild Wild Wet 2 thumbs up for their service and responsiveness. The customer service was extremely friendly & helpful in answering all my queries when we 1st reached. Then Meg fell down due to her own carelessness. The staff brought her to the medic who tended to her injury & at the same time arranged for other staffs to take a look at the site the injury occurred. They immediately took a camera & went around the site to search for sharp edges/ platform. Meg was even told to go back to change another clean dressing after she's done playing & going home.Leto simply loved playing with water!
Haha....... So cute!
Kissing her flower balloon
Leto dancing to Meg singing

This little girl loves to dance

Meg taught Leto to scream when the song ends & the clever girl mastered it in no time

In the airport - going back to England already. Time zoomed past so fast. Too fast.
My beloved sisters - we shall always stay this close
A little bit of sibling rivalry going on but I know Meg adores Leto to bits
We can't wait to see them again

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