Monday, November 12, 2007

England/ Czech Republic trip - Day 1 Part II (London)

Reached London!
Our 1st stop is Kensington Park
Kensington Palace Notice the hot babe that's at the extreme left? She's my cousin, Ling, who specially changed her flight (she's an air stewardess) to the same as ours, so that she can bring us around London.
In a London Cab
Ling brought us to this Chinese restaurant which serves superbly yummy food at great prices. The owner is a Singaporean.
We only had half a day to tour London (miserable ......) so we had to do most part of our tour on the bus. Therefore in actual fact, we didn't really see London at all! Guess we'll have to do it the next time we go back & I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be real soon.
Atop the bus
I hated this pair of shades (Erycka says I looked like Terminator :p)
Alighted near the Marble Arch
We got distracted by the ice-cream/ hotdog stand & started pigging out instead of sight-seeing
Marble Arch is a white carrara marble monument located near Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. All we saw of it was from across the road :p
We were awfully fascinated by this man cleaning car windows in the middle of the road. Very suaku. right?
Madame Tussauds from afar
Ling & Erycka came up with a plan to take a pic with storyline ie. me whispering sweet nothing in his ear. But very obviously Ken is not cooperating! Grrrr ........
More sights of London
There was actually plans to visit The London Dungeon but due to time constraints, we had to scrape it. Meg was terribly disappointed.Not forgetting to find nice places to take pictures even when we are waiting for the bus.Full of nonsense ........
The London Eye - we had wanted to go on that but again we didn't manage to. So what's new?
Big Ben in the backround
It's truly magnificent
On our way to take the Thames River cruise
Tower of London - founded nearly a millennium ago, the Tower of London has been the seat of the British Government & the living quarters of monarchs. It is also a repository of the crown jewels.
Waiting to embark - Tower Bridge in the background
Tower Bridge - it is often mistaken by people as THE London Bridge
This IS the London Bridge
Night has fallen
Big Ben is spectacular looking at night with the lights illuminating the clock face.
Stopped for dinner near London Eye & we were stopped by some frightening- looking dressed up artisans. Meg might look ok on the outside but the truth is that she was scared out of her wits. She refused to walk past them again when we finished our dinner.
And disappointingly, that completes our London Tour

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