Friday, November 02, 2007

England/ Czech Republic trip - day 1 part I (Oxford)

Here's the first part of many parts to come, of the photos taken during our England and Czech Republic trip. There were just too many photos for me to pick out, most of the time, I am in a dilemma as to which to post. So I have come to a conclusion and decided to post every (well ....... almost) single one of them! Hope you will enjoy looking at the photos as much as we had taking them!
A very excited Meg in the aeroplane on our way to London
Heathrow Airport after 14 hours of excruciating flight of hearing Meg asking non-stop "When are we reaching?". :pWaiting for the coach to bring us to OxfordFinally Uniz's house! It's way past midnight by the time we reached.The next morning & the 1st glimpse we had of Leto after so many months of missing her.Love Uniz's gardenGodma with MegOn our way out for our tour of London!
Waiting for bus to Oxford City Centre
Oxford City Centre
Meg loooves the weatherNote Meg - same pose throughout!

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