Monday, October 29, 2007

I am okay now :)

Thanks to all for your consolation. I am extremely touched by many of you (friends and readers) whom have written or sms me after reading my post. I am one lucky person to have the kind support of so many.

I am doing alright now, both mental and healthwise . Recovery and grieving processes speeds up with so many loved ones surrounding me.

After so long a break (about a month), I am finally back to work this week. Arghhh ...... I was sooo out of touch! :p I can hardly catch my breath with so much work piled up and furthermore, Uniz's family are here, so we try as best as we can to spend as much time together before they leave for Oxford again. Sorry guys, you'll have to be a little more patient with my holiday pics because time is so not on my side.

I had done lots of stuffs over the week. Check them out!

Went with some FJC guys to the sports club
Brought Uniz & Leto too
Meg was absolutely thrilled to have Leto there
And Leto was absolutely thrilled to play with the water. Her expressions were just way cute!
Meg guiding Leto down the slide
Leto takes swimming lessons in England & is even better than Meg when it comes to holding breath in the water!
Leto was totally unafraid to be submerged underwater. Instead I was the one who was scared half to death seeing her slide down the water slide :p
Meg with her DaDa & Eric, Weihao, Keegan in the background
We 3 sisters wanted some bonding time & decided on bar hopping in Clarke Quay
Our 1st stop was Lunar
It's a perk to have a sis work in Ministry Of Sound (MOS) - we were allowed in all the joints & happily went all over to take photos
It was quite a sight cos we looked like tourists taking pictures at all corners of the club
We even had our very own photographer - this waitress was holding on to our camera & pointing out which are the interesting areas to take pictures. She was more 'on' than us!
Ewwwww..... (Haha ....... my sisters do not believe in posing normally for a photo :p)
This man walked by & offered to take a pic for us. Uniz & I were too shy to pose but Erycka went ahead anyway. Hee~
Who else but me as the obvious choice for queen!
Now you see our pecking order ;)
Next stop - Kandi Bar
The background is full of stuffed alligators & we were supposed to act scared but I looked like I was falling off instead! My sisters were laughing their heads off!
Kissey kissey!
Posing behind the DJ console
A pretty cool chill-out joint - I like it :))
Camera whores!
Our 3rd stop was Fashion Bar but it was really bland & hence we didn't have any photos to show for it. These few pics below was taken in The Forbidden City - Bar Cocoon (IndoChine). I honestly wouldn't recommend this place either.
After everything, we decided to head back to Kandi Bar. Erycka said Champagne Taittinger was new so we tried & liked it.
Uniz never fails to be amused by us taking self pics. Haha .......
I like this photo ;)
But I still like Lunar best cos the music is so similar to Devil's! I am so definitely going to gather the Devil's bunch there. Although it's not Uniz & Erycka's kind of music but they didn't mind going back there cos the ambience is terrific. Another plus - great service.
Our 2nd bottle of Taittinger - we're hooked on this stuff!
Erycka's colleagues came to join us right at the end of the night & we had yet another bottle Taittinger :p I am gald I didn't have to crawl home :p The 3 of us had so much fun that night! I look forward to sisters' night out whenever Uniz is here.
Melanie & Dan were back from Belgium for a holiday & we met for coffee in Arab Street
Finally busy business woman Nelly is willing to part with her phone
We had an early birthday dinner/ celebration for Kelly as she's busy with the travel fair on her birthday
I love you darling. Remember that no matter what happens, even if the sky falls, you've got us here for you always!
2 sweeties
I love you too! (of course Ju as well)
Went for a dressed-up Halloween with the FJC peeps in Powerhouse
Dressed up as Goth - costume courtesy of Stella
My darlings - Juliana is not dressed up. Marilyn is a rape victim??!! Wahaha........
Denise went all the way out & dressed as that murderer in 'Scream'. Aiyah ....... the tube of fake blood can be seen.
There's Denise dancing on the platform with her mask on. She was a hot item except to the wrong gender. The babes thought that she was a guy & were drooling over 'him'. They even asked for 'his' phone number! We have reached a conclusion - if you want to score, wear that mask & you'll have countless girls flocking to you. So now you know what you are going dressed as next Halloween, right? :p
Scary .........
Sweetheart was a convict - albeit a pretty dressed up one
These guys are sooo sporting!
Celebrated Chang's & Raymond's birthday
FJC bros
Haha ..... love this pic too!
Meg says that I look scary ........
Denise & her brother (sorry forgotten his name :p)
Ju caught acting cute in all the pics
She power lah!

There was this group dancing next to us & their costumes were real scary as well. So we simply grabbed 1 of them for a photo.
Chang was totally gone - chopping straw!!! Lolx......
So you guys envy me?
These 2 can be best partners - act cute then act scary :p
Ken also not to be missed out
At the carpark already & still acting
Poor Marvin ......
Went for Dim Sum in 'Red Star' with the family on Sunday morning
Ken was driven nuts with my non-stop posing :p I love my new pink Ray-Ban aviators!!!
I love my family :)
Ken is de-kitting the car. He loves this JS racing concept but I kept having accidents to his front lip that he had no choice but to convert to Spoon look.
He wants to show how low the car is

Sorry honey that you had to convert :p *sheepish*

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