Monday, October 08, 2007

Meg's 6th birthday

Meg's 6th birthday
My precious princess has turned 6 today! :DDD

Meg was so excited about her birthday that she need not have us wake her but woke up on her own in the wee hours of the morning to go to school. It was so endearing watching her eagerly getting ready for school. (It's her first day in school by the way, after her long absence in Europe.)

Meg sweetie - Mummy and Dada are bursting with so much pride as we watch you grow every single day. You are a great kid and we are extremely proud of you. All I wish for you, my dear daughter, is for you to grow up healthy with a beautiful heart. Happy birthday sweetheart!

We went to Build-A-Bear Workshop located in Suntec to select her birthday pressie. She had been pining for it for a while now. It's a really interesting concept of building up your own bear from scratch & it teaches the kid to treat their stuff animals like a real live animal. Meg is totally in love with her toy & brings it wherever she goes cos she feels the ownership for it. We meant to get it as her birthday pressie but my Godma insists on buying it for her instead. So now we promised to bring her to Hong Kong Disneyland in December as a birthday pressie. (*crosses fingers* hope my leave gets approved)
Step 1 : Select your toy
Step 2: Put the stuffings into the bear. The shop assistant will have the kid go through a ritual of blessing a small cloth heart then placed it inside the toy so that now the toy has a real heart. Other than a heart, they also put a tag with code inside. This is so that if you lose your bear & someone returned it to the Workshop, they will call us to come collect it. The bear's registered :)
Meg steps on the pedal to churn out the stuffings
Step 3: Step on the pedal & it generates air. You're suppose to bathe & brush the toy.
Step 4: Go to the PC & type in all the particulars to register & generate a birth certificate for the toy. Meg picked a pink cat & she named her 'Princess Meow Moew'.
Step 5: Select clothes/ costumes/ accessories then try it out in the dressing room. Meg opted to dress her Princess Meow Meow in a white gown & as extras bought her a pair of angel wings & a pair of white silk panties. And just before we left the shop, all the staffs broke into this cute birthday song & almost startled Meg!
Brought the birthday cake with the goodie bags to her school this morning. She loooves her 3D Ariel cake. Knowing that we won't be in time to order a cake due to our trip, we pre-ordered this almost 1 month before.
Her classmates were just as excited as her
We love you our princess!
Humility class with form teacher Mrs Gan
Then we had another small celebration for her at home. It was combined with Imah as it was her birthday 2 days ago. Imah loved the gold necklace we got her.
Meg's our family's gem
Both are really thrilled
Imah with Megan

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