Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Not again ..........

This is totally unbelievable ......... I am hospitalised again :( This is turning out to be an annual thing. I think it was about this time last year when I was admitted for kidney infection. This is turning out to be really sad.
I got home from work today and felt that the skin around my legs feels really tight. I had thought it was just extreme dry skin and started slathering on moisturising lotion. The shock I had when I started on my feet. Both were extremely swollen! My first reaction was 'OMG! How could I have put on so much weight!'. But after the initial shock sets in, sanity regains and I realised that it was water retention. I had never had water retention this bad even when I was in my last month of pregnancy. It looks totally hideous!
Ken brought me to the doctor immediately. They had intially suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) due to my recent long haul flight but after some tests, deduced that it's most likely related to my kidneys.
And so here I am lying in the hospital bed now praying for my fate. I really hope it's nothing serious. Please pray for me and hope that my test results will turn out fine. I am truly worried now.
But if I want to look at my glass half full, then I should be happy that I might not have put on weight and all that roundness on my face was just water retention! Haha :p (Honestly if you take a close look at my pics taken in Dragonfly, you'll realise that I didn't have eyebags in those pics because my eyes were so puffed up.)
Arghhhh ...... I wish that butterfly feeling in my stomach will go away. I hate this feeling! Anyway I should try get some sleep now, got more blood tests early in the morning.

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